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World Mobile Eyes Expansion After Successful Field Testing of Decentralized Wireless Network in Africa

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World Mobile Eyes Expansion After Successful Field Testing of Decentralized Wireless Network in Africa

World Mobile, a provider of decentralized wireless networks, has reported that field testing of its DeWi technology in three African nations has been completed successfully. The tests carried out in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria show the adaptability of World Mobile’s hybrid connectivity solution and open the door to deployment across the African continent.

Rural communities that are often underserved now have access to dependable and inexpensive internet service thanks to World Mobile’s decentralized wireless network. World Mobile has successfully tested TV White Space technology in Kenya and Mozambique, using unused spectrum in the TV broadcast band to provide mobile network services.

The field test in Nigeria made use of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet constellation as a backhaul method. By combining TV White Space with Starlink, World Mobile is able to make use of the infrastructure and spectrum resources already in place and expand the reach of its network.

World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins said: “We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of field tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, which mark a significant milestone in World Mobile’s mission to connect the unconnected. These tests validate the feasibility and scalability of our DeWi technology, bringing us one step closer to providing affordable and reliable internet access to both rural and underserved areas worldwide.”

Field testing that were a success come after World Mobile’s commercial network went live in Zanzibar, where more than 300 AirNodes provide wireless connection to more than 16,000 customers each day. In order to build a worldwide community-owned wireless network that can close the digital gap and promote social and economic inclusion, World Mobile intends to extend its network to new nations in Africa and other regions.

The goal of World Mobile is to establish a sharing economy that will provide funding for the construction of communications infrastructure across rural Africa and beyond. Its decentralized wireless (DeWi) approach offers connection for a lot less money than conventional mobile network providers.

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