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$PKR Now Trading on MEXC and Bitmart with Bittrex Going Live Shortly – Do Not Miss This Opportunity! 

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$PKR Now Trading on MEXC and Bitmart with Bittrex Going Live Shortly - Do Not Miss This Opportunity! 

PKR has successfully migrated it’s contract from Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain to Polygon – this means lower gas fees, more secure transactions, and no bridge risks! MEXC and Bitmart will enable deposits and trading at 09:00 UTC on October 7th, and withdrawals will be enabled 09:00 UTC on October 8th. Read the announcement from MEXC here and the announcement from Bitmart here.

Bittrex will be following shortly however they are currently still integrating Polygon into their platform – however they are expected to be ready to go live by mid October. At this point it will be full takeoff time with DEX announcement to come along at the same time.

The timing could not be any better as the BTC halving is now just over 6 months away, and this is often the catalyst for crypto markets to rebound. As BTC block rewards are halved, the supply shock leads to an organic rise in price which is followed by a shift in sentiment around crypto. Although the past 18 months have been a difficult time for the blockchain industry, the end is in sight and great times are now only just around the corner.

PKR is one of the most resilient cryptos of this bear market, with a massive price increase of over 200% in the past 90 days alone. With projects disappearing and teams giving up daily, the fact that Polker and the team are still delivering and that PKR is moving upwards is a just a small indicator of the huge potential that is yet to come. If the token can do 200% during a prolonged bear market, imagine what it will do once the bulls are back.

Polker have also made a recent huge announcement regarding its game being available on the Epic Games Store which you can download and play here. Although currently still only available on Windows, the mobile versions of the game are almost ready and will be released during Q4 2023!

With such strong momentum from the team at Polker the timing of the PKR token going live is a once in a lifetime event that one really should not miss out on. The future of this project looks bright and we can’t wait to see what the team deliver next!

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