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Several Celebrities to Judge NFT Competition Benefiting AIDS Research

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Several Celebrities to Judge NFT Competition Benefiting AIDS Research

  • Prospect 100 is an online voting platform that aims to bring the work of under-seen artists.
  • The collection will be sold on an undisclosed date, with revenues going to AIDS research.

Several celebrities will be among the judges for a forthcoming NFT collection to feature winning pieces of digital art. In order to benefit The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). These include models Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss, musician J Balvin, artist Jeff Koons, and director Baz Luhrmann to name a few.

Prospect 100 is an online voting platform. That aims to bring the work of under-seen artists to the attention of leading designers in their areas. Until July 9, creators from across the globe may submit unique digital backdrops to the panel.

All Revenues Toward AIDs Research

In the end, 100 of them will be selected as the foundation for amfAR’s first-ever NFT collection, which will use foreground characters previously developed by the organization. The collection will be sold at a later, undisclosed date, with all revenues going toward AIDS research.

The public will be able to vote on the proposed designs on Prospect 100. The project’s celebrity jury will then choose the finalists for the collection based on the submissions’ uniqueness, significance, and consistency with the visual style of amfAR’s pre-designed foreground figures.

Some of the celebrities serving on the collection’s judging panel are making their debut appearances at NFT events. For example, Koons, the highest-grossing living artist, published his first collection of NFT pieces last year. Moon Phases was a set of 125 NFTs, each of which was associated with a physical sculpture. That would be delivered to the moon by an autonomous lunar lander later this year.

Prior to the Russian invasion, Prospect 100 co-hosted a charity tournament with the Ukrainian government, with designer Daniel Arsham serving as a judge.

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