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Notcoin Soars 87% in Days: What’s Next for NOT? Price Prediction

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Notcoin has dropped by 0.5% in the past 24 hours, yet its move to $0.01606 still marks an impressive 87% gain since touching a seven-day low on Friday.

NOT is now up by 21% in a week, and while it’s down by 13% in the last 30 days, it boasts a 250% increase since May, when it was listed.

This gives it plenty of short- and medium-term momentum, with the coin’s indicators suggesting that it may continue to rally over the next few days.

And with the market looking ready to rebound after a difficult couple of weeks, NOT may end up being one of the best performers.

Notcoin Soars 87% in Days: What’s Next for NOT? Price Prediction

NOT’s chart is in an interesting position, yet even though it has fallen a little since the start of the week, it looks like it could bounce up again very soon.

After dropping to 45 this morning, its relative strength index (purple) has bounced back up again a little, in a sign that buyers may be about to return to the coin.Notcoin price chart.

Source: TradingViewThe alt’s trading volume is also encouragingly high, at $700 million today, as opposed to $300 million a few days ago.

Again, this signals returning interest from buyers, who have clearly been taking advantage of NOT’s reduced price this week and month.

Its market had calmed a little after enjoy a great launch in May, which culminated in NOT reaching its current ATH of $0.02836 on June 2.

Top 10 Tokens Launched in Q2 2024 by Market Cap@thenotcoin $1.42B@ethena_labs $762M@zksync $651M@wormhole $649M@safe $598M@TheDogOfBitcoin $582M@LayerZero_Labs $436M@Blast_L2 $361M@ionet $281M@AethirCloud $264M pic.twitter.com/Cp2Nfyu87J

— CryptoRank.io (@CryptoRank_io) July 2, 2024

Its ascent has actually made it the best-performing launch of the second quarter, outperforming the likes of Ethena (ENA), zkSync (ZK) and Wormhole (W).

And given that it remains a new token, it’s likely to continue this performance in the next two quarters.

Its position as one of the first and most popular play-to-earn tokens is likely to boost its price growth, with the project transitioning to an explore-to-earn model that rewards users for completing various tasks within its ecosystem.

As such, it has every chance of enjoying further gains in the coming weeks, especially as the wider market looks ready to recover later in the month.

The launch of the first Ethereum ETFs will boost market-wide bullishness in the next few weeks, while rate cuts in the fall will heighten the mood further.

In such a context, the Notcoin price should hit $0.020 again by August.

New Altcoins for Higher Returns

Notcoin continues to look like one of the more promising tokens in the market right now, yet it isn’t the only new coin with great potential.

There are also numerous presale tokens that look very good, with several having raised significant sums of money as they get ready to list.

To take one of the best examples, PlayDoge (PLAY) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that has raised an impressive $5.7 million in its ongoing sale.

Introducing #PlayDoge – the only #P2E Doge companion! 🐶

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Join the #Presale Now ⬇https://t.co/JT0VEofqf2 pic.twitter.com/RoJYXLS1FH

— PlayDoge (@PlayDogeGame) June 3, 2024

PLAY’s sale has done so well because of the coin’s interesting fundamentals, which place well beyond the ranks of most run-of-the-mill meme tokens.

It will be the native token of a Doge-themed and Tamagotchi-style play-to-earn game, with players earning rewards in PLAY for breeding and completing missions with their own virtual pets.

The game features charmingly retro 8-bit graphics and visuals, giving it a nostalgic vibe that its compelling side-scrolling gameplay only accentuates.

What’s also bullish about PLAY is that it will have a capped supply of 9.4 billion tokens.

And because holders will be able to stake the token, this cap could squeeze PLAY’s price up in the long run.

Interested investors can join PLAY’s sale by visiting the PlayDoge official website, where 1 PLAY currently costs $0.00517.

Traders can buy it using either USDT, ETH or fiat currency, while they will receive their tokens via an airdrop that will happen once the sale ends.

From there, it could enjoy a big rally once it lists, with its early growth suggesting that it could be one of the big launches of the year.

Visit PlayDoge Now

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