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Ethereum Foundation Deviates From Historical ETH Selling Patterns

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During previous bull markets, the Ethereum Foundation has demonstrated a keen ability to time the market with its ETH holdings.

However, the foundation appears to have departed from this established pattern.

Ethereum Foundation’s Unexpected Selling Restraint

The Ethereum Foundation was found to have executed large sales of ETH near peak valuations in the past. This strategy has allowed the organization to capitalize on high prices and potentially secure funding for ongoing development and operations.

According to IntoTheBlock’s latest data, the foundation has yet to engage in any significant selling activity in this current market cycle.

Such a deviation raises important questions about the organization’s current strategy as per the on-chain intelligence platform as well as the future direction of the market. Ethereum Foundation refraining from offloading ETH tokens could mean that it believes the cryptocurrency has more potential for growth.

ETH has been under significant pressure along with the broader cryptocurrency market. The asset has dropped to $3,370 this week. Hence, such a case presents bullish sentiment despite almost a 10% drawdown in its price over the past month.

Alternatively, the Foundation may have adopted a new approach to managing their assets.

“Historically, during each bull market, the Foundation has strategically sold substantial amounts, often aligning these sales almost perfectly with market peaks. In the current cycle, the Ethereum Foundation has yet to execute any significant sales. Does this mean the peak is yet to come, or has the Foundation changed its approach?”

Previous ETH Sales

In January this year, Arkham Intelligence flagged a blockchain address associated with the Ethereum Foundation that sold $1.6 million worth of ETH.

Later in April, Peckshield Alert revealed that the Foundation had converted a portion of its ETH holdings into stablecoins in April. According to the data, the foundation converted 100 ETH to 354,000 DAI. During this time, ETH was trading above $3,600.

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