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Bitcoin Miner TeraWulf Clears Debt, Plans Operational Upsurge

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Bitcoin miner TeraWulf announced Monday that it paid off its remaining debt early. This move aims to boost the company’s flexibility to meet rising demand for energy infrastructure, including applications such as powering generative AI technology.

TeraWulf is joining a trend of converting mining infrastructure into high-powered data centers, ideal for fueling the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. This strategic move comes alongside the company paying off a $77.5m loan, freeing up resources for future endeavors.

“Our business’s profitability and strong cash generation has allowed us to successfully retire the remaining debt ahead of schedule, significantly bolstering our financial position,” TeraWulf CFO Patrick Fleury said in a statement.

With this final payment totaling $77.5 million, $WULF now has no outstanding debt and has thereby maximized financial flexibility to scale and deploy its valuable and low-cost energy infrastructure for #bitcoin mining and high-performance computing (HPC)/AI applications 🐺… pic.twitter.com/RyW4iyibud

— TeraWulf (@TeraWulfInc) July 9, 2024

TeraWulf Expands and Eyes AI Advantage

The company intends to expand its operational infrastructure capacity from 210 megawatts to 295 megawatts this year. It also has the potential to add another 300 megawatts in the near future. Additionally, TeraWulf is developing a high-performance computing project at its Lake Mariner facility in New York, focused on powering graphics processing units essential for generative AI technology.

TeraWulf and Core Scientific have done comparatively well by moving into AI hosting, outperforming other miners. Meanwhile, Marathon Digital and Riot Blockchain, the two largest miners by computing power, have seen their stocks decline this year due to profitability worries.

Bitcoin Mining Firms Gain on Stock Market After Trump Vows Support

TeraWulf’s stock is up 71% year-to-date and 56% just in the last month. This climb comes as Bitcoin mining stocks experienced a broader rally last month, potentially fueled by a promise from presidential candidate Donald Trump to support domestic mining operations.

Trump, in a June 12 statement, advocated for increasing Bitcoin production in the US, highlighting the nation’s potential to achieve energy dominance. This followed a meeting where Trump assured Bitcoin industry leaders he would back the industry should he win the presidential election in November.

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