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PANZ.NEXTGEN To Launch Gen2 NFT Collection on Ethereum

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PANZ.NEXTGEN 'Gen 2' collection on Ethereum

  • PANZ.NEXTGEN is launching its ‘Gen 2’ collection on Ethereum in late March.
  • The floor price of Genesis Panz NFTs hit 0.09 BTC — 15 times the mint price.
  • Reportedly, its product, Maxis, an on-chain gaming platform, recorded 1500 ETH in volume over the last 30 days.

PANZ.NEXTGEN, the community-led startup behind the buzzed-about Bitcoin Ordinals project “Genesis Panz,” is launching its new NFT collection — ‘Lil Z’s Adventure’ — on the Ethereum blockchain.

This upcoming ‘Gen2’ collection features 8,880 pandas appearing as younger iterations relative to the Gen1 collection. Similar to Genesis Panz, this Ethereum collection also offers holders the membership of Bamboolands, an exclusive ecosystem of products and utility layers.
Brian, Founder of PANZ.NEXTGEN, stated in a post:

“The Gen 2 collection, ‘Lil Z’s Adventure,’ is the heart of PANZNEXTGEN. With 8,880 unique pandas on the Ethereum Blockchain, each crafted from over 250 hand-drawn traits, this collection captures the essence of our mission: a community-first project that blends the spirit of community startup, artistic creativity, and tangible utility.”

The next chapter is here, say hello to lil z! 👇 pic.twitter.com/ox6aIygNof


Notably, the project’s founding team includes Brian, XDD, Z, Adeeez, Popo, and Scaevola. It is backed by the key players of the NFT scene such as Jamie and Shan, founders of PG (Project Godjira); Jungjin Lee a.k.a @ETH_Apple, CEO of SearchFi, NFT alpha community-led project; and Maverick, reputed NFT advisor.

In addition to the launch hype, a bullish event unfolded, pleasing the community. Genesis Panz surged to a new high of 0.09 BTC, currently valued at $4291. On Magic Eden, ‘Bitcoin Pandas #823’ is the collection’s highest-priced panda, listed at 1 BTC.

Genesis Panz NFT Collection (Source: Magic Eden)

This collection features 888 recursive inscriptions stored entirely on Bitcoin Blockchain. It’s intriguing to note that 880 pandas are inscribed onto Block 78, the first block that was mined by someone other than Satoshi Nakamoto — by Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney.

PANZ.NEXTGEN Led By Hype or Utility?

The integration with Bitcoin Ordinals, Polygon, Chainlink’s CCIP (Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol), and presence on Ethereum enable the project to unlock cross-chain NFT utilities for the community. Are these NFTs one of the few “Ordinals that offer usecases”? What is the prime utility for the holders?
Highlighting this, Shan, the co-founder of Project GodJira (PG), shared in a tweet, “Weekly rewards from rev share of NFT raffles and Coin flip (all on chain) and ever-growing volume and revenue. 888 Genesis pandas only in BTC and now the ETH collection coming up too.”

Holders of PANZ.NEXTGEN’s collections can access the products or services on Maxis and OpenSats. Firstly, Maxis is an on-chain gaming marketplace that hosts NFT and crypto raffles, loans, and coin flipping. The GambleFi platform operates with the backing of PG, a renowned web3 incubator and creator of key NFT collections. Additionally, it is recognized as one of the early players that integrated into the Blast L2 ecosystem.

Secondly, OpenSats emerges as the “experience layer” for the Bitcoin ecosystem that offers its community launchpad services and a telegram trading bot.
Reportedly, the Maxis platform will allocate 50% of its net fees to PANZ.NEXTGEN holders: 25% to Genesis holders and the remaining 25% to Lil Z holders.Luring the community, the platform announced a 4-week giveaway worth 100K USDT.

Regarding the giveaway, Shan commented: “A product that has community at its core. No paid marketing or shilling. Purely organic growth. Now it has become not just cash flow positive but in a position to give away 100k plus in monthly rewards.”

Furthermore, Z, one of the co-founders of PANZ.NEXTGEN teased the announcement of 2 BTC products in development.

Disclaimer: Readers should conduct their own research as this article is solely for informational purposes. It is not intended to serve as investment advice, financial guidance, or a recommendation to make any specific decisions.

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