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QuickSwap Incorporates dTWAP for DEXs Driven by Orbs

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QuickSwap Incorporates dTWAP for DEXs Driven by Orbs

The biggest native DEX on Polygon, QuickSwap, has integrated the dTWAP protocol powered by Orbs. The QuickSwap dragons will thus now have access to this algorithmic trading technique, allowing traders to lessen the price effect of their orders. This follows integrations with SpookySwap, Spirit, and Pangolin that increased the number of integrated DEXs and solidified Orbs’ position as the industry leader in DeFi innovation thanks to dTWAP.

The Orbs project developed the completely decentralized, permissionless, and composable DeFi protocol known as dTWAP, which is supported by the Orbs network. Now, QuickSwap traders may use the advanced order type without paying any extra fees. Also, the dragons will be putting into action Orbs’ infrastructure for Limit Swap orders, in addition to dTWAP.

The integration demonstrates how closely Orbs and QuickSwap have worked together technically. Both initiatives made significant contributions to the implementation of dTWAP on QuickSwap. This was made feasible by the thorough developer documentation of dTWAP and the smart contract audits (1,2).

Orbs is a decentralized protocol that uses PoS and is run by a public network of permissionless validators that is staked with TVL worth more than $100 million. By using the Orbs decentralized network to augment the capabilities of current EVM smart contracts, Orbs pioneers the idea of L3 infrastructure, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi.

dTWAP Lets You Trade Like an Expert

As of this writing, QuickSwap has supported $209.8 million worth of transactions during the previous week. Multi-chain swaps, limit, order, and “best price trades” are all available with QuickSwap. The DEX’s existing offers will be enhanced by dTWAP, which will also draw more traders searching for methods to lessen the price effect.

By dividing big orders into smaller ones over time, the TWAP algorithmic trading method, which is often used in CeFi, tries to lessen the influence of large orders on the market. This strategy lowers the price effect by executing smaller transactions and allows traders to progressively buy different assets over a predetermined time. These essential characteristics are now accessible to dragon traders without compromising decentralization.

Creating a dTWAP order

Users are given a completely configurable dashboard upon switching to the dTWAP UI, and it updates in real-time as they make changes to their orders.

Three settings must be made prior to running dTWAP:

  • No of intervals: The customer has the option to define how many transactions will be made at each interval. The projected trading period and the total number of transactions needed to execute the order are automatically determined by the UI.
  • Max Duration: The longest period of time during which the whole dTWAP order’s assortment of individual deals may be carried out.
  • Trade Interval: The time elapsed between each transaction is determined by the trading interval. This parameter is editable by the user, and any changes have an impact on the size and quantity of trades.

When customizing each order, these characteristics provide a great deal of freedom, allowing for consideration of things like market circumstances and current gas fees. The UI further supports dTWAP-market and dTWAP-limit orders. The user may then authorize the particular source token, make the order, and check their requested configuration once these parameters have been configured.

Leading-edge DeFi Innovation

The dTWAP protocol has become the industry norm for decentralized algorithmic ordering in the DeFi market, powered by the Orbs network L3 technology. The protocol is anticipated to see a significant increase in use as it adds support for more DEXs. It now has integrations on 4 DEXs over 3 distinct chains, which combined have enabled a $200M+ trade volume in the last 7 days. Expect additional information about the ongoing partnership between Orbs and QuickSwap in the next weeks.

Join the dTWAP support Telegram channel to learn more about the dTWAP protocol.

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