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BobaBNB Surpasses 45,000 Wallets With Record 2.8 Million Transactions in April

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A record 2,863,240 transactions were handled on the BobaBNB platform in April, according to Boba Network, the only multichain Layer 2 (L2) solution and the only active L2 on the BNB Chain. This is an increase from 585,818 transactions in March and 99,362 transactions in February. BobaBNB now processes more than 100,000 transactions every day with over 45,000 wallets.

These achievements show how widely used BobaBNB is, offering consumers savings of up to 80% on transaction expenses while offering lightning-fast speeds. This outstanding accomplishment is the first occurrence of a substantial L2 transaction volume outside of the Ethereum ecosystem.

“BNB Chain provides a significant opportunity for Boba Network as the only multichain layer 2 as it has more active addresses than any other blockchain,” said a core contributor to Boba Network. “Boba Network will continue to leverage the continued growth of BNB Chain to provide users and developers with faster transaction speeds at significantly lower costs with the opportunity to utilize HybridCompute™ that delivers off-chain data and compute, enabling smarter applications for mass adoption.”

“We are glad to see the growing adoption of BobaBNB with these remarkable transaction volumes. As an advanced layer-2 scaling solution on BNB Chain, Boba Network aims to accelerate the development of dApps and games, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this ecosystem”, said Zoe Wei, Head of Marketing and DevRel at BNB Chain.

Due to its partnership with MegaWorld, a well-liked Web3 game, and ROVI Network, BobaBNB has seen an increase in transactions.

Through its Crypto Super App platform, ROVI Network, a Web3 powerhouse, aims to incorporate cryptocurrency into the everyday lives of billions of people.

Significantly more people are using BobaBNB because of MegaWorld, a massively multiplayer Web3 city-building strategy game with actual economics that has been operating on smart contracts since 2018.

The Boba BNB layer-2 platform had a phenomenal 585,818 transactions in March, bringing the total number of wallet addresses to 12,716. Web3 developers have a fantastic chance to build cutting-edge dApps and games using BNB Chain’s special features thanks to its integration with Binance’s BNB Chain.

Powered by Boba Network, Boba BNB L2 is the first and only layer 2 solution on BNB Chain that enables users and developers to create EVM-compatible dApps at faster transaction speeds and lower costs.

Additionally, the cutting-edge Hybrid Compute technology from Boba may be further tapped upon by BNB Chain developers. By integrating Web2 capabilities on-chain, Boba Network is able to provide smart contracts access to off-chain computational resources and real-world data. Decentralized apps may therefore provide users richer and unmatched user experiences.

The primary contributors of Boba Network are ecstatic about BobaBNB’s expanding popularity. The network adopted a multichain approach last year and established itself as the exclusive multichain L2 provider.

Every transaction generates income for the network, and Boba Network is dedicated to assisting with efforts to expand the BobaBNB ecosystem.

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