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BobaBNB Smashes Transaction Records in May with ROVI Network Surge

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BobaBNB Sets New Transaction Record In May, Fueled By Growth Of ROVI Network

BobaBNB Sets New Transaction Record In May, Fueled By Growth Of ROVI Network

  • BobaBNB achieves record-breaking transaction volume, fueled by the growth of ROVI Network.
  • ROVI Network simplifies crypto adoption, attracting a wide user base on BobaBNB.
  • MegaWorld integration amplifies BobaBNB’s transaction numbers.

BobaBNB, the leading multichain Layer 2 (L2) solution on BNB Chain, reached a remarkable milestone by breaking a new transaction record last month. With a staggering 3,073,042 transactions in May, BobaBNB experienced a significant surge compared to the previous months. April witnessed 2,863,240 transactions, while March recorded 585,818. These numbers clearly demonstrate the platform’s exponential growth and popularity among users.

Powering this surge in transaction volume is the rising prominence of the ROVI Network, a Web3 infrastructure protocol that aims to bring the crypto economy to the masses. In just six weeks, ROVI has garnered over 50,000 wallets and facilitates more than 3 million transactions every month on BobaBNB. This trend was anticipated, given ROVI Network’s mission to simplify crypto adoption through innovative products.

One of ROVI’s offerings is the M91 Crypto Super App, which provides a seamless peer-to-peer crypto payment experience akin to WeChat Pay. ROVI’s AI Smart Keyboard software also rewards users with cryptocurrency for typing messages, while Gaming91 offers a smart contract-powered fantasy, skills, and prediction game. These user-friendly applications have played a significant role in attracting a wide user base.

ROVI Network has also invested in crucial infrastructure to onboard billions of users to Web3. This includes secure, keyless wallets based on Multi-Party Computation, gas-less transactions, and simplified on-and-off ramps between crypto and fiat currencies. BobaBNB’s efficiency in processing transactions in real-time and reducing gas costs by 80% makes it the perfect fit for ROVI Network and other adoption-driven dApps.

Another contributing factor to BobaBNB’s increasing transaction volume is MegaWorld, a Web3 city construction game that leverages smart contracts to enable actual economic interactions. Its integration with BobaBNB has further amplified the platform’s transaction numbers.

BobaBNB Attracts Web3 Developers

Excitement abounds among Boba Network’s core contributors, who are delighted by the impressive traction witnessed on BobaBNB. Being the first L2 solution outside of Ethereum to achieve substantial transaction volumes, BobaBNB is attracting a wave of Web3 developers eager to enhance the BNB Chain’s capabilities and create more complex dApps and games.

TheNewsCrypto recently reported on another significant development for BobaBNB, building on its previous achievements. In the month of April, the BobaBNB platform impressively handled a staggering number of transactions, reaching a total of 2,863,240. This was the first occurrence of a substantial L2 transaction volume outside the Ethereum ecosystem.

The remarkable growth of BobaBNB and its partnership with the ROVI Network and MegaWorld demonstrate the increasing demand for scalable and efficient solutions in the crypto space. BobaBNB’s unique features and ability to cater to the needs of both developers and users have firmly established its position as a key player in the evolving Web3 landscape.

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