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Montana Passes Pro-Crypto Mining Bill “Right To Mine” Into Law

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  • Montana’s “Right to Mine” bill prevents local governments from passing laws that prohibit cryptocurrency mining.
  • Legalizing crypto mining in Montana is expected to bring economic benefits and promote innovation in the industry.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has signed a pro-cryptocurrency mining bill, S.B. 178, into law. The bill largely prevents local governments in Montana from passing laws that prohibit cryptocurrency mining. It enshrines crypto miners’ rights in the state by revising existing laws to prohibit discriminatory electrical rates for mining firms and not allowing taxation for crypto used as a method of payment.

The legislation was introduced partly in response to proposals in other states that have created difficulties for digital asset mining at the state and local levels. For example, lawmakers in the Texas state Senate introduced a bill aimed at limiting incentives for crypto miners through participation in a program intended to compensate them for load reductions on the state’s power grid.

The bill is expected to create a favorable environment for mining operations in Montana and attract more crypto miners to the state. The crypto mining industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, with many countries and regions competing to attract miners through various incentives and policies.

Crypto advocacy group Satoshi Action Fund has supported pro-mining legislation in certain states. Lawmakers in the Arkansas state House and Senate passed a bill similar to Montana’s S.B. 178. Satoshi Action Fund CEO Dennis Porter reported that Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders had already signed this bill into law, but the legislature’s website did not show such an action at the time of publication.

Porter said:

“At the state level, we can have a lot of progress, we can move things forward, and there isn’t a whole lot the federal government can do in the meantime.”

Montana’s decision to legalize crypto mining is a significant step towards creating a more favorable environment for the crypto industry in the US. Some states have introduced measures to restrict or ban crypto mining, but Montana’s decision to provide a legal framework for mining operations is expected to attract more miners to the state.

Debate Around Crypto Mining and Environmental Sustainability

While Bitcoin mining has faced controversy over concerns about energy consumption and environmental impact, some experts argue that it can help promote the use of renewable energy sources. Miners are incentivized to use cheaper and more sustainable energy sources.

Montana’s decision to legalize crypto mining is a positive development for the crypto industry in the US. The state’s favorable policy environment is expected to attract more miners and promote innovation in the industry. However, it is important for regulators to ensure that mining operations are conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner to avoid negative impacts on local communities and the environment.

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