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WorldCoin up 170% weekly to all time-high following OpenAI Sora breakthrough

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WorldCoin (WLD) reached a new all-time high of $8.98 on Feb. 22, following significant weekly price gains, according to CryptoSlate data.

The token has retreated slightly to $8.69 as of press time. The current price represents 30% gains over 24 hours, 168% over seven days, and 303% over 30 days.

WLD’s $1.16 billion market capitalization places it among the top three AI tokens by market cap (as defined by CryptoSlate) and among the top 70 crypto tokens overall.

WorldCoin’s gains are connected to OpenAI announcing the AI-powered video generation service Sora on Feb. 15. Although WorldCoin is a biometrics ID and crypto project separate from OpenAI, entrepreneur Sam Altman heads both projects.

WorldCoin also announced on Feb. 17 that its wallet, World App, has exceeded 1 million daily users. That growth may additionally contribute to WLD’s price gains.

AI tokens up nearly 20% on average

More broadly, assets in CryptoSlate’s AI category saw gains of approximately 18.45% over seven days. The same category saw gains of 5.33% over 24 hours.

The top three AI tokens by market cap are:

  • Internet Computer (ICP), down 3.9% over seven days
  • The Graph (GRT), up 51.78% over seven days
  • WorldCoin (WLD), up 168.24% over seven days

The best-performing assets over seven days were:

  • Lithosphere (LITHO), up 444.33% over seven days
  • Connectome (CNTM), up 175.42% over seven days
  • Delysium (AGI), up 175.24% over seven days

The AI category has outperformed two notable crypto benchmarks — Bitcoin (BTC), down 0.2% over seven days, and Ethereum (ETH), up 5.52% over seven days.

Despite a lack of direct connections to external projects, each project has likely benefited from general AI interest. In addition to the hype around Sora, price growth may be linked to Nvidia’s record earnings report on Feb. 22, where the chipmaker reported $60 billion in yearly revenue and a focus on AI.

The development companies behind each AI token have also made partnership and marketing announcements in recent days, likely contributing to their above-average growth.

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