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U.S. SEC’s John Reed Stark Urges Tether Ban In America

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  • U.S. SEC official, John urges American regulators to ban Tether.
  • Tether’s CEO responded to the concerns put forth by John.

One of the official representatives of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (U.S SEC), John Reed Stark warns to ban Tether (USDT) from financial regulators of crypto-based companies in America. He also portrays Tether as a ‘Mammoth House of Cards‘. As per John, Tether would be the next denomination to attempt a fall in the crypto market.

Since Tether runs with no legal regulatory constraint of the U.S., John added:

“There are no U.S. requirements on how reserves must be invested, nor any requirements for audits or reporting.”

“Condescending and ineffective public relations blather, hype, and bluster.”

John’s concern lies with the Tethe’s financial reserves which are absolutely doubtful and unaudited yet. With a set of vigorous tweets, Tether’s reliability and credibility were questioned as the recent attestation report displayed a $1.48B total profit during Q1 of 2023.

Tether On Ban Call

Notably, the ban on Tether in Ontario, Canada is reportable. With this, John wants the U.S. to follow the same adding other crypto platforms like crypto.com has delisted Tether with regulatory demand compliance.

Tether’s CEO Replied

For all the mentions of U.S. SEC officials, the CEO of Tether, Paolo Ardoino has given his reply with eighteen points. His statements are provided with reference links to get clarified about Tether. Meanwhile, he started with the fact that Tether isn’t being operated on in the U.S. and further explained John’s concerns.

The CTO of Tether (Mr. Paolo Ardoino) responded to my previous tweets about Tether with 18 points.
Given that Mr. Ardoino's first point is not only the most glaring and disturbing, but also such a common refrain from crypto-promoters, I will respond to his first point first… pic.twitter.com/kjt57hgLr8

— John Reed Stark (@JohnReedStark) May 11, 2023

However, Ardoino thanked John for letting him address the issue being faced and condemned the SEC’s warning. In spite of all the issues, Tether (USDT) sustains as the stablecoin with a value of $1.0008. According to CoinMarketCap, the token reports a trading volume of more than $28B in the last 24 hours.

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