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Shibarium Launching Next Month? Shiba Inu Founder Drops Final Hints

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  • Shibarium’s long-awaited launch draws near, igniting excitement among the Shiba Inu Community.
  • Shytoshi’s cryptic messages spark anticipation for Shibarium’s imminent release.

Shiba Inu founder Shytoshi yet again captured the attention of the dog community through cryptic messages on his Telegram chats. Shy who is Known for his playful hints, recently dropped clues that the long-awaited Shibarium launch might be just around the corner. Despite having played these hint games before, the Shiba Inu community remains undeterred in their excitement.

And the anticipated community believes that the launch of the Shibarium will be next month.

JUST IN: The lead $SHIB developer is dropping hints that #Shibarium will launch next month.

— Shiba Archives (@ShibaArchives) July 4, 2023

Shiba Inu Community’s Wait Finally Over ? Shibarium Launch Nears

In the intriguing exchanges within the Telegram group, Shytoshi asserted, “No Shib 2.0 stop being scammed,” in a bid to steer the community away from any potential fraudulent schemes. The Shiba Inu founder went on to urge followers to support the upcoming launch rather than falling prey to deceitful projects.

Shytoshi’s dedication to Shibarium‘s development was evident when he explained, “I’m too busy starting the launch process of a blockchain. Dyodr!” This statement reaffirmed his commitment to delivering a secure blockchain, and that it tickled the final countdown.

Shiba Inu Founder Shytoshi Chat

Adding to the mystery, Shytoshi shared an intriguing analogy about a pilot in a cockpit,. It indicated that progress towards the launch was well underway. “And seriously… when the pilot is in the cockpit switching switches and the seat belt light is on. And the attendant is talking about safety and stuff DONT ASK THE PILOT WEN,” Shytoshi emphasized, sending a clear message that the launch was progressing smoothly.

Meanwhile,The news spread like wildfire across social media platforms. And Twitter was ablaze with posts about the potential release of Shibarium. Hashtags like #SHIB and #Shibarium trended, with users expressing their eagerness.

As the final countdown seemingly commenced, the excitement soared to new heights, as it promised a remarkable milestone. But the other side of the Shiba Inu seems like losing hope since the waiting takes a toll.

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