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New Memecoin CAPO by Pseudo Trader Spikes 170% In a Day

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  • The real identity of CryptoCapo confirmed that they have no involvement with the CAPO.
  • In the last 24 hours, CAPO increased 170%.

Twitter users are currently engaged in talks regarding the newly launched cryptocurrency, IL CAPO OF CRYPTO (CAPO). An anonymous crypto trader who goes by the pseudonym “il Capo of Crypto” accurately predicted Bitcoin‘s fall to $21,000 during its peak of $69,000 in the bull run. The true identity of the trader remains unknown, but he is often referred to by his Twitter handle.

Message from Official Crypto CAPO’s Telegram group (source : Telegram)

But according to the real identity of CryptoCapo, they have confirmed that they have no involvement with the CAPO cryptocurrency. And disavowed any affiliation with the token launched under their name. Furthermore, CryptoCapo advised the public to be cautious. And also refrain from giving money to people who do not uphold ethical or moral principles.

CAPO price chart (source : CoinMarketCap)

Albeit In the last 24 hours, CAPO has seen a remarkable increase of 170% in its trading price, which currently stands at $0.01636. The trading volume during this period was $16,477,714.

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