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Memecoin Influences NFT Enthusiasts With Unimaginable Profits

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  • Four NFT influencers traded memecoins gaining effective profits.
  • Another influencer had lost nearly $7,199 in such trades.

The memecoins are widely gaining potential growth across the crypto market. Subsequently, some of the memecoins including PEPE, LADYS, and others are surging over the week. Hence, the NFT influencers kept an eye on meme coins and traded them to gain maximum profit.

1/ Are NFT influencers making money on #MEME coins?
Here are 8 NFT influencers, 4 of which made money on #MEME coins.
It seems that the more #MEME coins you trade, the easier it is to lose money.
Let's see how they trade on #MEME coins.👇 pic.twitter.com/4WszNtEyvp

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 15, 2023

As per the Lookonchain reports, there are 8 NFT influencers out of which, four have made profits by selling meme coins.

Top 4 Profit Holders From Memecoin

One among the influencers named Vince Van Dough has sold 90 ETH worth $167K for buying 96B PEPE tokens at $0.000001736. Furthermore, he sold 90B PEPE from them for 96 ETH of value $174K at $0.000001935. The profit gained is approximately 18K dollars over this.

Another influencer, OhhShiny has purchased 700.66B PEPE tokens with 326 ETH worth $610K at $0.000000870. And, sold 479.91B PEPE for 496 ETH ($956K) at $0.000001991. Additionally, the overall profit owned reports $731K whereas 220.75B PEPE holdings are recorded in the wallet.

Other than PEPE, the next influencer called Zeneca has purchased 60M TURBO valuing $44K with 16.5 ETH valuing $31K at the market price of $0.0005143. With this, the profit is recorded to be $14K. All these three influencer trading are noted on DeBank.

Considerably, an influencer purchase was recorded on Etherscan under the name of Machi Big Brother. This guy has purchased around 270B PEPE worth $469K along with 258 ETH worth $471K for $0.000001745 since a week. This led to a money loss on PEPE concerning the current price in the market.

Loss Records on Memecoin Trading

However, there are other four influencers who also traded memecoins with no profits. One such influencer had lost $7,199 in approximation with a win rate of 29% and the other has lost $3,365 with a 33% win rate. The memecoins that are traded include PEPE, RIZZ, WOJAK, GENLSR, and others.

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