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Billions of PEPE and TURBO Bought for WOJAK Exchange

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  • Binance listed PEPE and FLOKI on May 5, in the Innovation Zone.
  • Substantially, PEPE is trading at a peak of 106.47% increase in price.

In a recent note, meme coins are gaining popularity with an intense engagement in the crypto market. Notably, the coins named PEPE and FLOKI have got listed on Binance today in the Innovation Zone.

We heard you asking.
Time to show us your best $PEPE and $FLOKI memes 👇 pic.twitter.com/snSNn0sCYz

— Binance (@binance) May 5, 2023

As per the reports of Lookonchain, a mysterious whale has purchased a massive amount of PEPE tokens counting 313 billion. This purchase was made when PEPE was pricing at $0.000003973, costing 1.24 million USD. Also, mentioned that the whale has exchanged around 120 million WOJAK tokens for 117,000 dollars in return for 27.83 billion PEPE tokens.

A whale bought 313B $PEPE at a price of $0.000003973 with 1.24M $USDT and exchanged 120M $WOJAK for 27.83B $PEPE($117K) after #Binance announced the listing of $PEPE.
The whale also exchanged 100M $WOJAK for 77.5M $TURBO($117K).https://t.co/7CQUUJ4Vvj pic.twitter.com/bOjEtd8XoI

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 5, 2023

Considerably, this whale purchase happened once Binance listed PEPE tokens. Furthermore, the same whale has exchanged WOJAK tokens of around 100 million in return for TURBO tokens. This exchange price is the same as the PEPE exchange of 117,000 dollars for 77.5 million TURBO tokens.

Remarkably, PEPE is ranking at 42 as per CoinMarketCap at the market price of $0.00000332 which is 106.47% high over the last 24 hours. Whereas, TURBO is traded at $0.0009964 with a huge increase in price rating 207.07% over a $79M trading volume.

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