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Trump or Biden? Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Outlines the Better Choice for the Crypto Industry

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  • The upcoming US presidential elections feature Trump vs. Biden, with Trump leading in recent polls. Charles Hoskinson criticized both nominees but endorsed independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for his friendly stance on the digital asset industry.
  • Cardano’s founder believes the pro-crypto vote will be crucial, suggesting that millions of Americans support the sector.

‘Crypto is the Decider’

The US presidential elections are scheduled for November this year and promise to be quite contested. The Republicans’ candidate is the former president Donald Trump, while the Democrats’ nominee is the current political leader of the nation – Joe Biden.

Recent polls have estimated that Trump has the better chance to emerge victorious since he reportedly leads in five out of six swing states.

Cardano’s founder – Charles Hoskinson – chipped in on the hot topic, giving his two cents on which candidate would be more appropriate for the cryptocurrency sector.

He claimed that the administrations of both Trump and Biden have harmed the economy of the United States in various ways, suggesting none of them is the perfect choice. However, Hoskinson believes that pro-crypto people should vote against the candidate of the Democrats.

“Under the Trump administration, we founded and built Cardano. Under the Biden administration, the entire industry is at war with the US government. That’s the difference.

Obviously, I have preferences, and I would rather not see a second Biden administration unless and until he reverses the policies that have been so disastrous for us, but he won’t do so because he doesn’t think there’s a political cost or consequence to it,“ he stated.

On the other hand, Hoskinson revealed he will not vote for Trump but pick the independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

“I fully agree that this is the most challenging election in my lifetime. You have two presidents running: former president and current president; both are very old, very controversial, and not fit for office.

It’s why I endorsed RFK. Because the American people deserve something different, anything different: we can’t talk about the lesser of two evils anymore. We ought to talk about healing the nation instead of harming it.”

The nephew of John F. Kennedy has presented himself as a keen advocate of the cryptocurrency industry, specifically Bitcoin, and promised to impose BTC-friendly laws should he enter the White House as a winner.

Subsequently, Cardano’s founder argued that winning those voters who support the digital asset industry will play a huge role in the upcoming elections. According to him, 53 million people in the USA are “overwhelmingly“ pro-crypto.

Trump’s Crypto Move

While Donald Trump was a fierce critic of the cryptocurrency industry and Bitcoin a few years back, he recently started softening his tone. In February this year, he said he can “live“ with the leading digital asset:

“You probably have to do some regulation, as you know. But many people are embracing it, and more and more, I’m seeing people wanting to pay “bitcoin,“ and you’re seeing something that’s interesting. So, I can live with it one way or the other.”

Earlier this month, he described himself as the right choice for the pro-crypto voters, claiming his opponent – Joe Biden – and his administration are against the industry:

“I’m fine with it. I want to make sure it’s good and solid and everything else. But I’m good with it. And if you like crypto in any form (and it comes in many different forms), if you are in favor of crypto, you better vote for Trump.”

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