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Top Crypto Gainers Today on DEXTools – AISORA, SPARKO, SUBF

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Top Crypto Gainers Today on DEXTools
Top Crypto Gainers Today on DEXTools

As blue-chip crypto markets suffer wake of profit-taking in wake of Bitcoin hitting fresh all-time highs above $69,000, traders looking to turn a quick profit are flocking to the on-chain shitcoin markets for top crypto gainers today, with dozens of new tokens still enjoying big pumps.

Bitcoin briefly surpassed $69,000 for the first time on Tuesday.

Profit-taking and then a wave of long liquidations drove the price briefly as low as $60,000.

The price has since recovered to near $64,000, still down about 7% for the session.

Activity in the ETF market was strong once again on Tuesday.

BlackRock’s IBIT clocked $3.76 billion in trading volumes on the day as per barchart.com, the fourth most of any ETF.

Fidelity, meanwhile, saw its biggest-ever inflows on Monday.

A return to record highs in the coming sessions thus seems very likely.

But in the meantime, highly risk tolerant traders will continue hunting for top crypto gainers today in the shitcoin market.

Here are some of the best-performing Ethereum-based coins, as per DEXTools.

AISora ($AISora)

A shitcoin called AISora ($AISora) has pumped up 77,000% in the past 24 hours, as per DEXTools.

The token has been able to clinch a market cap of nearly $2.5 million.

But traders should be very cautious with this coin.

Its price action on the chart looks strange.

And, as per Honeypot.is, the token could be a honeypot scam.

It’s key that, when entering shitcoin markets, traders always do their due diligence.

Sparko ($SPARKO)

A meme coin called Sparko ($SPARKO) has pumped up 440% in 24 hours, as per DEXTools, making it a top crypto gainer today.

Its market cap is still tiny at just over $500,000, with liquidity of around $140,000.

It remains to be seen how far this pump can go.

Traders should be very cautious with this coin, even though it’s been around for a while.

It has three concerning aspects to its smart contract, as per DEXTools.

Super Best Friends ($SUBF)

A shitcoin called Super Best Friends ($SUBF) has pumped up 500% in 24 hours as per DEXTools.

That makes it one of the top crypto gainers today, with its market cap last around $1.5 million.

The shitcoin also has partially locked liquidity of around $230,000 and now more than 120 holders.

While this coin doesn’t appear to be a scam, there’s no such thing as zero risk in the shitcoin market.

Even if they aren’t honeypot scams with malicious code, most coins are pump-and-dump schemes.

Crypto Alternatives to Consider

Investing in low-cap shitcoins is a very risky strategy.

An innocent-looking project could easily turn out to be a scam, and a few big sell orders could easily drive the price 80% lower.

A strategy that is still risky, but arguably has a better risk reward is getting involved in crypto presales.

The idea is that investors secure tokens of up-and-coming, high-potential crypto projects/protocols at a discounted early price.

These projects then put those funds to work, paying for protocol development and marketing.

While lots can go wrong when investing in crypto presales—unforeseen circumstances can prevent a project from delivering on its vision—savvy presale investors routinely secure gains of 10x or more.

With hundreds of presale projects vying for investor funds, analysts at Cryptonews have been combing the market.

Here are 14 of the presale projects with the highest potential.

See the 14 Cryptocurrencies

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