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These Traders Think This New Meme Coin Could Be The Next $BOME or $SLERF After Raising $5 Million

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As Solana-based meme coins continue trending, traders are looking to be positioned as early adopters in the next potential meme coin sensation.

With the success of $BOME and $SLERF, and the newly launched $MEW trending over the weekend, investors are rushing to find the next best SOL-based meme coin that could explode.

As a result, traders are quickly piling into a newly emerging Slothana presale, believing that it has the potential to follow in the footsteps of $BOME and $SLERF, with a speedy tier-1 exchange listing expected following its launch.

The Slothana ($SLOTH) presale continues to turn heads after crossing the $5 million milestone today. Its unique “send to wallet” presale strategy is gathering momentum.

Solana-Based Meme Coins Continue Trending Above Ethereum-based Memes

Solana-based meme coins continue surging this week as traders rush to find the next-best newly emerging meme coin to invest in.

While popular Ethereum-based meme coins like $PEPE and $BITCOIN are taking a back seat, Solana-based memes continue exploding.

This week, a series of cat-based meme coins stormed onto the market, with $MEW, $CATINO, and $MOOCHICAT stealing three top-10 trending spots.

With the narrative of cat and dog-based meme coins entering the spotlight, traders are now on the hunt for the next-best project outside of the meta that could deliver exceptional returns.

In particular, Slothana ($SLOTH) continues to gain momentum after raising over $5 million in its unique presale. Traders believe its “send to wallet” presale has the potential to replicate the success of $BOME and $SLERF.

What Made $BOME and $SLERF So Special As Solana-Based Meme Coins?

$BOME and $SLERF were two meme coin sensations that reached mainstream status in March due to their unique presale strategies that helped them receive instant Binance listings.

These Solana-based meme coins used a unique presale strategy, which required users to send funds to a wallet to participate.

The new trend of asking for presale funds through a simple wallet address started with the digital artist Darkfarms after opening the fundraising for Book of Memes ($BOME) to his audience.

The fundraising was a huge success, which allowed $BOME to launch and reach a $1.4 billion market cap peak after being listed on Binance.

Another prime example of the “send to wallet” strategy that provided exceptional returns for different reasons was $SLERF.

$SLERF raised a staggering $10 million in its “send to wallet” presale. However, when the developer went to launch the contract, he accidentally burnt the funds raised during the presale.

As a result of the blunder, the community quickly started to buy up $SLERF, and it received an instant listing on Binance, helping it reach a staggering $500 million market cap.

Can Slothana Follow the Footsteps of $BOME and $SLERF?

With the new “send to wallet” presale strategy making waves, traders are now piling into the new Slothana ($SLOTH) presale, which has already raised a staggering $5 million in just five days.

Slothana is a Solana-based meme coin that requires traders to send $SOL to a wallet to participate in its presale and receive $SLOTH when the token goes live.

The meme coin depicts a professional-looking sloth creature in his office, awaiting the 5 PM deadline to finish his shift. The project represents everybody looking to leave their office grind to embrace the Crypto Chad lifestyle.

Due to its vast viral potential, traders believe $SLOTH could easily follow in the footsteps of $BOME and $SLERF with an instant tier-1 exchange listing.

Furthermore, rumors are circulating in the community chat that the team could be related to Smog, another Solana-based meme coin that reached an extraordinary $300 million market cap peak.

The presale provides the perfect opportunity to get positioned in Slothana ($SLOTH) at what could be the lowest possible price before the token launches in the coming weeks.

With over $5 million already raised, seeing this new Sol-based meme gaining so much attention is unsurprising. Its relatable meme concept, colossal marketing team, and unique presale strategy give it the potential to surge during the April meme coin frenzy.

Visit $SLOTH Presale

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