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These Digital Miners Will Reshape BTC Mining Accessibility in 2024: GoMining

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Bitcoin mining appears to be a safe haven-like alternative for those seeking options to earn BTC while remaining cautious about exposing their funds to market fluctuation risks. Despite the high competition for bitcoin mining rewards and the existence of significant entry barriers, both financial and expertise-related, GoMining is a project that aims to challenge these hurdles.

The idea is simple and ingenious. As key industry players with nine data centers worldwide, GoMining has introduced a fresh perspective on how accessible bitcoin mining can be, aligning with the true ideals of widespread crypto adoption.

Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate

The Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate (LBH), at its core, is a vision of allocating real Bitcoin mining power among NFTs, allowing holders to own the share of computing potential that mines BTC daily, bypassing the complexities associated with building and maintaining a mining farm. This significantly lowers the entry barrier for newcomers, permitting them to control literally any amount of computing power, ranging from one terahash per second to whatever level they wish.

Translated into the language of money, this means one can start acquiring and utilizing their share of mining power for as little as $25, which is the current approximate price of a basic NFT miner by GoMining.

Variety of NFT Miners available on Primary market

The bitcoin mining capabilities, distributed among GoMining NFTs and their holders, are consistently generated 24/7 by nine data centers worldwide, all owned and operated by the company. As a long-term leader in the bitcoin mining infrastructure industry, boasting over six years of market experience, GoMining currently maintains a power output of 350 MW. This ensures that holders possess a tangible asset, delivering real results rather than mere promises akin to Bitcoin cloud mining scams.

NFT Miners

In line with the goal of simplifying the user experience, even for crypto newcomers, GoMining has introduced several enhancements to their NFT miners.

The first innovation involves a straightforward application of additional power. In short, the mining capability associated with any GoMining NFT can be effortlessly extended within seconds, thanks to the ability of purchasing additional computing power. This same option is also available for the second key attribute of NFTs – energy efficiency – aimed at maximizing daily rewards by reducing electricity fees.

Thanks to a historical data-based bitcoin mining calculator accessible for any NFT purchase or upgrade, one can easily assess ROI potential.

GoMining NFT power upgrade process

Another noteworthy feature from the extensive list of GoMining offerings is a seven-day trial period, catering to those interested in studying the process before making a decision. Starting a trial doesn’t require connecting a wallet or filling in any information and can be done in just a few minutes.

Once the demo week concludes, users can then decide whether they are satisfied with their NFT performance. They have the option to purchase it to collect their earned rewards or take some additional time for reflection.


The LBH vision and the GoMining platform itself are realized through sustainable veGOMINING tokenomics (veTokenomics), with the GOMINING token at its very core. GOMINING is available on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks and serves an extensive utility within the GoMining ecosystem.

In addition to acting as an alternative payment method for NFT miner purchases and upgrades, GOMINING provides access to staking, offering both veGOMINING votes for in-platform governance decisions and GOMINING token rewards. The lock period varies from one week to four years, catering to both long-term players and those seeking remuneration within a shorter timeframe.

GOMINING Lock calculator

Aside from its in-platform utility, GOMINING emerges as one of the most interesting assets in terms of potential.

The team behind the GoMining project is actively working on continually adding new markets, resulting in a token price increase of more than 300% since September 2023. Currently, the GOMINING token is traded on numerous trusted CEXs and DEXs, including PancakeSwap, Uniswap, MEXC, Bitfinex, and Gate.io, with new exchange platforms added every month.

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