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Tether, VBA Partner to Foster Blockchain Education in Vietnam

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USDT Stablecoin issuer Tether, is bringing blockchain and crypto education to Vietnam, through a strategic partnership announced Tuesday.

The longtime US dollar-backed stablecoin parent company Tether Operations Limited has collaborated with the Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA) to educate public stakeholders on the nascent tech.

The partners aim to conduct series of workshops and conferences, “fostering knowledge-sharing and capacity-building” within blockchain industry, official statement read.

The VBA launched Academy of Blockchain and AI Innovation on April 24 during an annual forum, a local report said. This education wing aims to enrol one million individuals by 2030 including 100,000 students from 30 universities in Vietnam.

The academy consists of a board of directors, scientific council, who are leading blockchain experts, and an executive committee.

According to 2023 crypto gains report by Chainalysis, Vietnam ranked third overall in total crypto gains, with $1.18 billion. The country showed strong cryptocurrency adoption that remained notably resilient even through the past bear market.

Additionally, 17% of Vietnamese own or have cryptocurrencies, with likely age group between 25-34 years.

Tether Eyes Broader Stablecoin Education

Tether’s partnership with the VBA aims to spread information about the power of digital finance to local communities in Vietnam. As a result, the partners will conduct five educational conferences in leading cities including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

“We are excited to collaborate with VBA to educate about blockchain technologies as practical solutions to the unique challenges faced by Vietnamese communities,” Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, noted.

VBA will also create comprehensive learning and development opportunities for the younger generation through the join training and research programs.

This will help them “confidently enter the digital era and enhancing their fintech knowledge,” says Phan Duc Trung, vice chairman of VBA.

Furthermore, the blockchain academy conducted UniTour 2024 program specifically designed for university students. This initiative will be supported by Tether and has already provided valuable knowledge about the applications of blockchain per university needs.

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