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Solana Meme Coin Pundu Raises $37m While Dogecoin20 Powers Past $7.6m

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Sunday, March 24th, 2024 – Solana meme coin $PUNDU has closed out its presale with a whopping $37 million raise, but Dogecoin20 is still open, and contributors are pushing its presale towards a $10 million hard cap sellout.

At the time of writing Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) – an upgraded better version of Dogecoin – has amassed more than $7.6 million from investors in barely a week as meme coin fever continues.

Luckily for those arriving late at the party or may have missed $PUNDU, the creators of $DOGE20 have extended the presale.

Nevertheless, given the hype and FOMO developing around the token, the initial coin offering is highly likely to sell out early this week given its past fundraising performance, so buyers need to move fast.

Dogecoin20 is bringing $DOGE to the Ethereum blockchain and dispensing with the inflationary supply that could hold it back in the future and the computationally expensive mining system the coin still uses.

#DOGE20 = The new #Memecoin way forward! 🚀🐕#Altcoins #Cryptomemes #DOGE pic.twitter.com/YEzOm9lQGK

— Dogecoin20 (@DOGE_COIN20) March 24, 2024

Ethereum is still the No.1 blockchain for decentralized applications and its recent Dencun software revamp has been a roaring success that is already reducing the transaction fees from Layer 2s like Polygon and Optimism.

All of this makes Dogecoin20 token even more attractive because it is built on a future-proof architecture that is constantly improving.

Dogecoin price is up 7% today as its march higher continues… and Dogecoin20 is coming up fast in its slipstream

Meanwhile, the world’s best-known and most valuable meme coin, Dogecoin, sees its price maintain an upward trajectory despite consolidation in the crowded bitcoin trade.

$DOGE is 7% higher at the beginning of the European session on Sunday, priced at $0.1733.

Dogecoin20 is currently $0.000208 priced at $0.000164 in what is now the 14th stage of the presale price ladder. Such has been the demand for the $DOGE20 token that the presale has been extended, with the hard cap target moved out to $10 million so that the voracious appetite of legions of buyers can be satisfied.

#Dogecoin20 embodies the lively spirit of #Memecoins, captivating the imagination of the crypto world. 🪐

Marrying memes with on-chain staking, #Dogecoin20 charts its own distinctive course, attracting a diverse array of #Crypto fans. 🔗🚀 pic.twitter.com/vizZbyFKKq

— Dogecoin20 (@DOGE_COIN20) March 23, 2024

But with the Dogecoin20 presale run rate regularly exceeding more than half a million dollars per day, prospective contributors will need to move in a spritely fashion to secure the lowest available prices.

Stage 14 ends either in two days or when the target of $8,183,163 is reached, whichever comes first. The previous hard cap total was $6,315,663 but has now been updated to $10,068,663.

On-chain staking passive income means Dogecoin20 is better than Dogecoin

You get more woof with $DOGE20 – it has the foundation to build a meme coin like nothing that has come before in the Shiba Inu-inspired token world, thanks to its built-in on-chain staking feature.

Unlike Dogecoin, this upgraded version deploys Ethereum smart contracts to underpin the mechanics of what is a passive income vehicle, where stakers of $DOGE20 are rewarded with an income stream denominated in $DOGE20.

You can start staking as soon as you buy in the presale. Estimated rewards are currently 132$ per annum and more than 21 billion $DOGE20 tokens have been staked.

$DOGE20 fixes the $DOGE inflation problem and is attracting big Chinese money

Another aspect to the improvements that Dogecoin20 is bringing is the problem of the infinite supply of Dogecoin. $DOGE20 fixes this emissions problem by introducing a fixed supply of 140,000,000,000.

Much of the new money flowing into crypto is coming from China and Dogecoin20 with its ‘best Doge upgrade’ appeal is attracting substantial funding from that quarter, along with Pundu and another coin called $PUMP.

In what could be among the biggest presales ever, $PUMP, which is a BNB Smart Chain coin with a massive Chinese following, has raised $280 million.

Whichever chain meme coins are launching on, then, there is a more than ample supply of willing buyers from China and elsewhere – providing a coin can demonstrate it has the potential to hit the mark in the virality stakes, as Dogecoin20 does.

Top finance news sites and YouTube crypto are excited about $DOGE20

Dogecoin20 media coverage spans top crypto and finance sites, from The Economic Times, Business Insider, Benzinga and the Times of India to the likes of Cointelegraph and Bitcoin.com.

Elsewhere, Youtuber Matthew Perry has been letting his 217k subscribers know all about Dogecoin20, going as far as to say it is better than $DOGE.

Without a doubt, Dogecoin is still the king of the meme coins and the one to watch. It is this brand power that makes Dogecoin20’s focus on bettering ‘the Doge’ such an investible opportunity.

Those who snapped up Dogecoin at its all-time low in May 2015 and held it until today are sitting on gains of 202,045%, according to Coinmarketcap data. With that sort of ROI on the table in the meme coins sector, the sky’s the limit for Dogecoin20. The $DOGE20 price could 100x at launch.

$DOGE20 can be bought with ETH, USDT, BNB or with fiat using a card. Sign up to the Dogecoin20 community on its X/Twitter and Telegram channels.

Buy DOGE20 Here

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