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Slothana Crypto Presale Trends On Twitter, Next Solana Meme Coin to Go Viral After $SLERF?

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A new Slothana ($SLOTH) crypto presale is trending on Twitter – and that’s because a lot of people think it will be the next Solana meme coin to go viral, just like $SLERF.

Sloth coin $SLERF has been a sensation, even by the standards of meme coins. So much so that Bloomberg reported with amazement that $SLERF at its height was notching up a 24-hour trading volume in excess of $2 billion. Now $SLERF has a partner in the shape of the office sloth Slothana, who’s had enough of the 9 to 5 because he knows that you have too.

With $719,663 raised in just a few hours, the $SLOTH profits could be just around the corner to release you from a life of toil at the office desk.

From DogWifHat to $SLERF, Solana meme coins are the runaway stars of the new crypto bull run. $SLOTH is in the eye of this profitable storm.

What $SLOTH, $SLERF, $BOME, $PUMP and $PUNDU have in common is a new way of launching Solana meme coins. The innovation is presales with no price stages or timer.

Instead, you send $SOL to the token address and the coins will be airdropped to the sending wallet’s receive address. Alternatively, you can use the widget on the homepage – enter how much $SOL you wish to contribute, click the ‘buy now’ button, select your wallet, and then complete your purchase. Simple as that.

⏰ Tired of the 9-5? So is Slothana!🦥Our office sloth is ready to ditch the daily grind and embrace the world of crypto trading. No more getting high on herb, just high on profits! Send SOL to help our sloth go from 420 couch surfer to $420m crypto chad! #slothana #memecoin

— Slothana (@SlothanaCoin) March 25, 2024

There will be no mistakes with Slothana – it will go from airdrop to CEX to big fat profits

Some wonder whether the supposed accidental burning of the destined-to-be-airdropped $SLERF presale tokens, which briefly became the biggest story in crypto, was not an accident at all. Perhaps it was an extremely clever marketing trick, according to some. That seems unlikely.

Regardless though, where Slothana is concerned, there are rumors that it may be connected to the same team that is behind $SMOG, another wildly successful Solana coin, so there will be no burn address slip-ups to worry about where this coin is concerned.

$SLERF is up 4,133% and that’s despite falling back considerably from its all-time high. Over the past 24 hours it is on the march higher again, up 15% to $0.866. At its all-time high $SLERF’s return on investment was 5,081% – $SLOTH plans to surpass those lofty heights.

There’s no waiting around to claim your token when the presale ends. Just sit back and wait for the airdrop and the slovenly $SLOTH is yours. After a successful raise, like $SLERF and the other aforementioned tokens, $SLOTH will be listed on centralized exchanges. Binance beckons.

One $SOL buys 10,000 $SLOTH. Market participants should expect this meme coin to sell out very quickly. With no hard cap total on display, this is very much a case of first come first served, or risk being shut out when all the tokens are gone.

To contribute to the Slothana presale send $SOL to this address: EnSawje2vQSQKtGbPYdXEuYKm2sHgeLKJTqCmrDErKEA

Make sure that $SOL is only sent from a self-custody wallet such as Phantom and not from a centralized exchange address.

The slovenly Slothana token marketing team has pulled out all the stops, which explains why it has started trending on X/Twitter. Meme coins are all about community building. Contributors to the presale can help their investment grow by sharing the Slothana tweet below.

And now the slithering is going to be multiplied as Slothana slides onto the scene with a presale offering that means everyone has a chance to get in on the ground floor.

Crypto’s previous bull cycles were marked by dreams of revolutionizing finance and challenging centralized networks more broadly – this time round crypto folks are cutting to the chase: they just want the money.

Solana meme coins like $SLERF, $BOME, $SMOG and the rest, are not pretending to do anything much, other than being humorous and ideally viral repositories for the $SOL in investors’ pockets.

I swear the mid curve meme is just psyops to make you their memecoin exit liquidity pic.twitter.com/UpblKdE1mF

— donn (@tzedonn) March 19, 2024

Next Solana meme coin to turbocharge your wealth – Slothana

If you want to make big money in this market, the place to be is meme coins, and more specifically Solana meme coins. Ladies and gentlemen, Slothana is the next target to turbocharge your wealth.

It could be argued that pretty much everyone in crypto – regardless of the time spent constructing their portfolio for exposure to promising sectors such as DePIN or AI coins – seems to have thrown deep analytical analysis to the wind as far as buying meme coins goes.

What’s more important, perhaps, is: does the coin make you laugh; is it ‘on trend’; does the team have the marketing chops; does everything stack up with the contract audit and liquidity provision? Ok, so there is still some due diligence that needs to be done, but although it is not trading yet, Slothana ticks all the boxes so far.

Standing back from the frenzy to take in a wider vista, all becomes clear on the meme coin landscape. Yes, it makes perfect sense that the most speculative asset class in finance should birth a hyper-speculative digital asset type that only has two use cases – to attract your money with the sole aim of making more money and to make you laugh.

We might add a third. Once a project has built a network it then has a valuable foundation for upselling the offering, as older meme coins like Shiba Inu are trying to do with their gaming plans.

What are the most popular blockchain ecosystems?

Our study reveals that the Solana ecosystem has emerged as the leading blockchain ecosystem this year, capturing 49.3% of global crypto investor interest in chain-specific narratives.

Read the full study: https://t.co/QLrmE2YjXN pic.twitter.com/GF6JfUsrmX

— CoinGecko (@coingecko) March 20, 2024

Slothana pays homage to its Solana roots – watch its trading volume explode like $SLERF’s

Slothana pays homage to $SLERF and Solana. Once derided as a ‘Sam coin’ because of the involvement of Sam Bankman-Fried companies in the ecosystem, the naysayers have changed their tune about $SOL, or at any rate gone quiet.

Solana has become the standout choice for launching meme coins because of its fast and cheap throughput that leaves Ethereum in the shade. Solana has had its problems. Last year there were blockchain outages, but not as many as the year before. It has been a work in progress that looks like it has finally come out of beta and the engine is purring nicely.

Paying a $50 fee to the Ethereum validators in order to trade a new meme coin on a decentralized exchange is painful. It is the fundamental reason why Solana has become the chain of choice for meme coin creators and traders alike. Driven by the apparent frivolity of meme coins, the Solana blockchain is today the busiest in the world.

At one stage $SLERF made up 20% of the entire trading volume on Solana, and Solana itself is now the largest blockchain in terms of transactional activity.

On a global search measure, Solana accounts for 49% of the total initiated by crypto investors, according to recent CoinGecko research.

Whatever you think about meme coins, it has worked wonders for both the on-chain activity of Solana and its token price. The Solana price is attacking the $200 level again, and where $SOL goes, Solana meme coins follow, or maybe that should be the other way around. Either way, Slothana is a worthy candidate for slovenly mooning.

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