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Shiba Inu Investors are Switching to This New ICO to Chase 1989% Returns

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Shiba Inu ($SHIB) investors are switching to a new ICO of a much more promising dog-inspired meme coin called Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY), as they chase potential gains of as much as 1989% for early presale buyers.

Scotty the AI is a brand-new meme coin that is being sold at a steep discount to early buyers.

Thanks to its low market cap, there is plenty of scope for $SCOTTY investors to secure gains of around 20-21x.

The same cannot be said for Shiba Inu.

Its already bloated market cap of $5.7 billion suggests any further gains will have to be very hard-fought.

But Shiba Inu is showing no such signs of posting impressive near-term gains.

SHIB is only up 60% from its 2022 bear market lows, while BTC is up 240%.

Shiba Inu holders are switching to new ICO Scotty
Shiba Inu significantly lagging behind Bitcoin / Source: TradingView

Lesser well-known coins with valuations under $100 million, while risky, stand a much higher chance of delivering fast gains.

It’s no surprise then that Shiba Inu investors have been switching to new ICO Scotty the AI, which some think has 20x potential.

What is Scotty the AI?

Scotty the AI is a brand new Ethereum-based dog-themed meme coin, but with a very important difference. Scotty the AI isn’t just another Shiba Inu. Scotty is a Scottish Terrier.

And unlike the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Bonk, Scotty is a meme coin that is packed with utility.


— Scotty The Ai (@ScottyThe_Ai) February 23, 2024

Scotty is rewarding his army of fans with his unconditional loyalty as their on-chain, AI-powered guard dog.

Beneath his thick, jet-black fur is an agile threat-detecting AI system that tirelessly ensures the integrity of the cryptoverse by sniffing out potential threats, suspicious transactions, network anomalies, and security breaches.

As a security protocol, Scotty the AI’s token swap engine and chatbot, bring advanced AI-powered cybersecurity onto the chain.

Scotty’s swap engine taps AI to analyze blockchain data and identify threats before executing seamless and secure token swaps.

As a chatbot, Scotty the AI is a security oracle.

He has patrolled blockchain’s wildlands long enough to recall every transaction, block, and hash ever recorded.

Scotty will also be the star of an upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game.

Further details, including gameplay, will be announced later, but the project’s developers have put Scotty at the heart of a game that aims for a wide target audience.

Visit Scotty Here

$SCOTTY – 2024’s Best Presale?

Scotty the AI just launched an initial coin offering (ICO).

Having already raised a whopping more than $800,000, it’s already being touted as 2024’s best presale.

🚨 $SCOTTY # 1 #memecoin W/utility of 2024

🎉 smart investors smashed out Stage 6 days ahead of time😳

🚀stage 7 now live and on the move. Price will increase at stage 8

Stage 1 – 6 closed out very early.

👉BUY $SCOTTY presale at https://t.co/zRmy4g8hfW#blockchains… pic.twitter.com/BojzOcG85a

— Scotty The Ai (@ScottyThe_Ai) February 26, 2024

Investors are racing to secure their $SCOTTY tokens given they are on sale for $0.00605 each, a very low price.

Indeed, given the total $SCOTTY supply of 1,734,567,890, investors getting tokens at $0.00605 are essentially buying to Scotty at a market cap of around $10 million.

If Scotty achieves its goal of becoming a household meme coin name, it could easily reach $200 million.

20x (or 1989%) gains are certainly on the cards, which cannot be said for $SHIB.

But Shiba Inu investors are switching to new ICO Scotty for more than just its low valuation and high potential.

Scotty also offers a compelling passive income opportunity for yield farmers.

Indeed, early presale investors are currently netting yields of as high as 145% on their staked $SCOTTY tokens.

That’s because, whilst 30% of the $SCOTTY supply will be sold in presale, 20% has been allocated to staking rewards.

These staking rewards are dolled out over three years on a fixed basis.

So investors get involved in the ICO earliest are getting the highest yields.

Learn More Here

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