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Original: The Seamless Solution to Increase Trading Volume for NFT Startups

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What is Original?

Original is a leading solution in the market, offering a suite of tools for NFT startups to grow their users, revenues and trading volume.

Original provides a suite of APIs that allow businesses to easily integrate NFT capabilities into their mobile, desktop, and browser apps. Their mission is to simplify the process of tokenizing digital assets and unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology for businesses.

Original aims to democratize access to NFTs, enabling businesses to use blockchain technology. This will empower developers, creators, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to explore new opportunities, increase revenue, and strengthen relationships with their audiences. They offer support and guidance to brands, artists, e-commerce platforms, and game makers looking to tokenize their creations and boost engagement. They aim to be partners in helping navigate the world of digital ownership and achieve goals.

“No wallet, no crypto. Today, with Original all developers can easily integrate NFT into mobile, desktop and browser apps.”

What Does Original Offer?

The team offers a wide range of services provided by Original, starting with the seamless integration of NFTs into your game.

This innovative feature effortlessly converts your digital assets into tokens, revolutionizing the concept of in-game ownership while ensuring a smooth user experience. The low-code solution increases development speed, making it easy to integrate or migrate in just a few days.

Enhance user engagement within your app by creating and selling exclusive collectibles. These unique items not only provide users with valuable digital possessions but also offer them one-of-a-kind experiences.

Transform the way you manage events by tokenizing tickets. This groundbreaking approach introduces a new level of audience engagement through token-protected assets, revolutionizing the event management industry.

Streamline your payment process by offering various options to your customers. They can easily proceed to checkout using Apple & Google Pay or any other payment gateway of their choice. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate your existing payment system, allowing users to pay in fiat currency and complete their transactions smoothly.

Take control of your revenue by setting your own royalties. With blockchain technology, secondary markets become transparent, enabling you to monitor sales and enforce royalties on trades. This not only ensures fair compensation for creators but also serves as a powerful tool to boost your Lifetime Value (LTV).

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How to use Original?

Create applications and deploy collections

Original simplifies the process of creating applications and deploying collections by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology. It allows for easy setup of blockchain server-side applications with just one click, managing security, transactions, failures, and latencies efficiently. Original offers flexibility to operate on both testnet and mainnet environments, a ready-to-use solution, secure and scalable infrastructure, and a frictionless process for blockchain deployment. This allows users to focus on the creative and functional aspects of their applications.

Monitor your users and assets on-chain activity

Original offers a comprehensive interface that allows users to stay informed about on-chain activity. It provides tools to monitor user activity, track transactions, and manage costs efficiently. Users can gain insights into key performance indicators related to on-chain activities, keep a detailed record of transactions, and access a comprehensive overview of API calls. The platform also helps users effectively manage costs associated with on-chain activities for maximum efficiency.

Subscribe to custom real-time notifications

Taking control of your blockchain experience by receiving real-time notifications for specific events is crucial. Indeed the benefits of being informed about blockchain activities, such as receiving notifications when your collection is successfully deployed, when NFTs are minted, transferred, or edited, and setting up custom webhook URLs. Leveraging Original’s user-friendly features and infrastructure can help navigate the world of digital ownership with confidence and achieve goals seamlessly.

Neopolis Game x Original Use Case

Neopolis is a F2P and Move2Play mobile game with 250k monthly active users and 4 million downloads. The game helps you (re)discover the world through a geolocalized game — the must-see places and the lesser-known buildings. You can travel virtually or earn more rewards by moving physically.

Neopolis was looking to increase user engagement by adding a layer of ownership. This was the philosophy of the founders from the start but there was no way to do this seamlessly, simply, inexpensive & secure etc. They also believed it was important to first have a successful web2 game rather then start a project that revolves entirely on the web3 mechanics.

At Original they believe tokenization will lead the new gaming monetization revolution. But… Only when done 100% seamlessly, like they managed with Neopolis.

Here are some key performance indicators after integrating Original into the Neopolis game

  • 2% of players purchasing assets in their first month in the game
  • x4 revenue during the first week of launch
  • Over 50% revenue increase in new cohorts
  • 90% of players who buy NFTs are still playing on a daily basis after 3 months

“Thanks to Original we could build our web3 features, a fully customized in-app marketplace compliant with store policies and test new growth strategies in less than a month.”

Ben, CEO at Neopolis

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