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NEAR Price Up 77% But All Eyes on New Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Project as the Next Big Gainer

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As the AI narrative hits fever pitch ahead of the Nvidia AI conference 2024 (GTC 2024), promising layer-1 Near Protocol is undergoing a major rally, but as NEAR price prediction suggests downturn – could this eco-friendly Bitcoin project be better?

This article will provide an analysis of NEAR’s current price trends and look to see whether a newer eco-friendly Bitcoin beta play, GBTC, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

👀Will we see $NEAR at $8 today?🚀#NEAR #NEARUSDT #altcoin #token pic.twitter.com/f0vkqSrubO

— bishi.near (@0_bishi_7) March 12, 2024

NEAR sentiment remains astutely bullish in the crypto community, with trader’s predictions of a potential $8 target coming to fruition earlier this afternoon.

NEAR Price Prediction: As NEAR Protocol Hammers New Local High – Could Double-Digits Be Next?

Now in minor localized retracement, NEAR Protocol is currently trading at a market price of $7.85 (representing a 24-hour change of -2.8%).

This comes as price launched +70% out of consolidation at lower support above $5.15 on March 12, in a 48-hour pump that bled over into this morning’s climb.

Minor retracement has since set in as price action reels from the new local high at $8.54, with recently broken resistance at the $8 mark failing to flip to support.

NEAR price now risks further retracement down to lower support at $6.5 if price is unable to gain a foothold above $7.32.

Worse still, growing divergence above the 20 DMA (which remains down at $5) creates further risk of a retracement, with vital support from this key moving average untested now for over a week.

Retracement sentiment is also mirrored in NEAR’s key indicators, with the RSI remaining severely over-heated for 8-days now – in line with the breakaway from the 20 DMA.

The MACD on the other hand conflicts this view at 0.323; reflecting the huge momentum behind NEAR price action amidst AI narrative hype.

Overall, NEAR price prediction suggests that this could be the tail-end of this week’s rally, with retracement likely on the short-time frame.

To the upside, NEAR price is targeting support above $8 (a potential +3.69%).

While downside risk could see NEAR price tumble down to lower support at $7.32 (a possible -6.3%).

Consequently, NEAR price prediction reveals a short-time frame risk: reward ratio of 0.59 – suggesting retracement risk dominates a potential entry at present.

But while Near Protocol might seem unappetizing to investors, an emerging eco-friendly alternative to Bitcoin is gaining traction.

Join The Eco Revolution: Don’t Miss Your Chance To Become a Web3 Change Maker With GBTC

NEAR Price Prediction: As AI narrative heats up around Nvidia AI Conference 2024, Near Protocol mounts dramatic climb, but what happens next?

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) emerges as a beacon of opportunity pre-halving, capturing the imagination of investors keen on riding the wave of Bitcoin’s success while eyeing the colossal growth potential that $GBTC offers.

Unlike its predecessor, Green Bitcoin isn’t just another digital currency asset; it’s an eco-conscious revolution poised to redefine the crypto space, especially as we edge closer to the Bitcoin halving event.

A whopping $3.2M Raised – Discover the Potential of Green Bitcoin Today

While Bitcoin continues its impressive march, crossing the $62,000 mark, Green Bitcoin introduces a fresh narrative of exponential growth, with predictions of a 100x surge.

In comparison to Bitcoin’s future prospects, Green Bitcoin stands out with its unique proposition and a smaller market cap that hints at explosive growth potential, particularly in the context of its gamified prediction market that rewards insightful Bitcoin price forecasts.

Green Bitcoin raises $3.2m while Bitcoin price breaks through $70khttps://t.co/w8K1nvHSfu

— GreenBitcoin (@GreenBTCtoken) March 12, 2024

Indeed, at its core, Green Bitcoin is more than just a token; it’s a testament to sustainable crypto practices. Leveraging Ethereum 2.0’s proof-of-stake architecture, Green Bitcoin slashes carbon emissions 10,000x, offering a sustainable alternative in the crypto universe.

This eco-friendly approach is coupled with a dynamic staking model, where participants can engage in daily Bitcoin price prediction games, earning rewards and bonuses as part of an engaging predict 2 earn mechanism,

Looking ahead, Green Bitcoin’s roadmap is laden with milestones that promise to elevate the project’s visibility and user engagement.

NEAR Price Prediction: As AI narrative heats up around Nvidia AI Conference 2024, Near Protocol mounts dramatic climb, but what happens next?

From ramping up marketing initiatives to rolling out the much-anticipated predict-2-earn feature and planning for listings on top exchanges, Green Bitcoin is charting a course toward a future where eco-conscious crypto investments thrive.

Help Create The Green Bitcoin Ecosystem and Start the Green Bitcoin Movement

As Green Bitcoin gears up for its next presale phase, the opportunity to partake in this eco-revolution and potentially outpace Bitcoin’s returns is here.

Stay connected with the Green Bitcoin community on X and Telegram for the latest updates and insights.

Secure your $GBTC tokens now and be part of this transformative journey in the blockchain world.

Buy $GBTC Here

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