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Google Search Now Displays Wallet Balances for Ethereum Name Services (ENS) Domains

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Google has expanded its native support for Ethereum wallet balances to include Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains.

This development was revealed by former ENS core team member Brantly Millegan through a post on X.

Google Expands Functionality to ENS Domains

The Ethereum Name Service, commonly known as ENS, provides human-readable domains such as example.eth, which can be linked to Ethereum wallets. This simplifies crypto holders’ process of sending and receiving funds by replacing complex wallet addresses with easy-to-remember domain names.

Initially introduced in May 2023, Google’s native support for Ethereum wallet balances allowed users to search for specific public addresses and view the associated wallet balance directly within search results. Building upon this functionality, Google has now expanded this functionality to ENS domains.

Under this new feature, users can search for an ENS domain such as Vitalik.eth, and Google will provide the associated blockchain address and the current wallet balance sourced from Etherscan. The balance displayed reflects the state of the wallet as of the last external transaction.

However, despite this expansion, some users have reported inconsistencies in their experience with this service. Observations on X indicate that the feature may not consistently appear in search results. Millegan pointed out that the functionality works more reliably when using private browsing mode or when logged out of Google services.

Google’s Crypto Integration Strides

Google’s venture into crypto and blockchain technology has been steadily gaining momentum. The tech giant previously marked the Ethereum Merge celebration in 2022 with animated pandas dancing in sync.

In addition to incorporating Ethereum wallet balances and ENS data into search results, Google has made significant strides in accommodating cryptocurrency-related content within its platform.

Last year, the company revised its crypto advertising policy to include “Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts,” enabling investors to access shares in trusts holding digital assets. As a result, products like Bitcoin ETFs from prominent asset managers like BlackRock now feature in search results for relevant queries.

The recent integration is just one of many milestones achieved by the project in recent months. ENS has recently transitioned to a fully decentralized model and secured partnerships with major players like GoDaddy, a leading domain registrar.

Jeff Lau, a developer with ENS, has previously emphasized the importance of humanizing web3 by providing intuitive solutions for addressing complex functionalities within blockchain networks.

“We envisioned ENS as a naming system to name crypto addresses,” Lau stated. “But as web3 users, the meaning of an address is so much more; it can be your farcaster ID, your crypto payment address, a DAO contract, and more.”

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