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Fluence Launches Cloudless Computing Platform, a Permissionless Answer to Centralized Cloud Providers

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[PRESS RELEASE – Zurich, Switzerland, February 27th, 2024]

Fluence DAO deploys its native token, FLT, on Ethereum mainnet and announces the Fluence Platform, the first project to launch on InterPlanetary Consensus (from the creators of Filecoin)

Fluence DAO, the governing body of Fluence, the first decentralized serverless computing network, today announced the launch of FLT, the native token for the Network on Ethereum mainnet alongside the Fluence Platform, which is being deployed on InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), making Fluence’s “Cloudless” computing platform generally available for the first time. Launching the platform on InterPlanetary Consensus enables a high-throughput marketplace of compute resources plugged with massive amounts of data in Filecoin. Developers can start building permissionless, serverless apps by getting started with Fluence Docs today.

Fluence is the first decentralized “Cloudless” computing platform, providing an alternative to the internet oligopolists by removing the risks of centralized control, subjective censorship, and data lock-in. The unique advantages of Fluence are trustlessness and verifiability. Trustlessness comes from crypto-economic incentives that reward DePIN operators, while verifiability comes from cryptographic proofs of all computations. The platform provides an inexpensive, auditable alternative to developers who want to build safely and without platform risk.

“Fluence Cloudless is the future of compute infrastructure. Developers are fed up with the monopolistic practices of Big Tech and want more certainty, ownership and control over their applications. Fluence offers a superior computing platform that provides better security and redundancy guarantees, with all of the familiar comforts of serverless infrastructure,” said Tom Trowbridge, co-founder and CEO, Fluence Labs. “The Fluence Cloudless platform offers a more open, transparent and democratic future for the internet. Developers around the world are increasingly rejecting centralized providers in favor of credibly-neutral, pro-developer platforms, like Fluence.”

The Fluence Platform includes hardware resources from top-tier data centers around the world. Compute providers attesting to their capacity and backing the proofs with a minimum delegated FLT stakes are eligible to earn FLT rewards as well as stablecoin payments for fulfilling developers’ compute jobs.

“Holon is excited to have our compute capacity join the Fluence network. Fluence is a perfect match for Filecoin storage providers and our renewable edge data centers will now be able to provide storage and compute solutions closer to where customers are. Fluence is building a lower cost and open alternative to centralized clouds which we think is an important mission and are thrilled to support,” said Heath Behncke, Managing Director of Holon, a top tier, compute and storage provider powered 100% by green energy.

InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) is a pioneering blockchain scalability technology from the creators of Protocol Labs, Filecoin and IPFS. It empowers innovative builders like Fluence to create decentralized networks with unprecedented vertical and horizontal scalability, through recursive trees of subnets, dynamic subnet architectures, and native interoperability for cross-net communication.

“Fluence is building a powerful new computational network, which leverages IPC’s breakthrough approach to scalability and customization. We’re excited to deliver the tools developers need to build applications at planetary scale,” said Juan Benet, co-founder of IPC, and founder of Protocol Labs and Filecoin.

Launching Fluence’s platform on InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) provides the option for stablecoin payments and marks a strategic move towards a customizable and secure computing ecosystem. IPC enables both vertical and horizontal scalability via dynamic subnets, as well as highly-customizable execution runtime capabilities through the WASM-based Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). Moreover, it enables close integration with the Filecoin network to optimize computations on data, leveraging the world’s largest decentralized storage network.

FLT, an ERC-20 token, also serves as the native governance token of the Fluence DAO. Token holders can stake their FLT to earn rewards for providing trust to the network and can also propose or vote on network-related proposals, including governance committee elections, protocol upgrades, or treasury allocation.

Fluence Labs, a core contributor to the Fluence Network, is backed by Multicoin Capital, with participation from 1kx, Blockchange, Distributed Global, Tiger Global and other top-tier web3 investors, angels, and projects such as Protocol Labs and Arweave.

To learn more about Fluence Network, users can visit https://fluence.network/. To learn more about Fluence Labs, users can visit https://fluence.one/.

To learn more about InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), users can visit https://docs.ipc.space/. To learn more about Protocol Labs, users can visit https://protocol.ai/.

About Fluence

Fluence powers the cloudless internet with its decentralized serverless computing platform. The platform frees computation from centralized cloud providers by offering natively decentralized, low-cost, and verifiable compute. Fluence makes applications faster to build, easier to integrate, and more secure, allowing developers to focus on improving UX. Fluence Labs was seeded by 1kx, and its Series A round was led by Multicoin with participation from other top-tier web3 investors, angels, and projects such as Protocol Labs and Arweave.

About The Fluence DAO

Fluence DAO is a decentralized organization that governs the Fluence Network and Platform. Fluence DAO is powered by the Fluence Network’s native token, FLT, to steer core protocol development, community initiatives, and grants. Learn more about Fluence DAO here.

About InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC)

InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) represents a groundbreaking advancement in the scalability of blockchain networks, from the founders of Filecoin, Protocol Labs, IPFS. It bridges the gap between web2’s performance & developer experience, with web3’s decentralized ethos. IPC’s mission is to lay the groundwork for a global-scale Web 3.0 infrastructure, capable of supporting billions of users and facilitating a new era of decentralized applications, including cloud services, artificial intelligence, gaming, and social media platforms. IPC’s R&D approach is based on novel recursive, fractal-like approach to scaling, dynamic subnets and highly-customizable execution runtimes. IPC is a part of the Protocol Labs Network, comprising over 450 open-source teams, projects, and organizations. Learn more about InterPlanetary Consensus here.


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