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Exciting ICO Bitcoin Spark (BTC) and How it Fares Against Struggling Avalanche (AVAX)

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Crypto investors are constantly looking for the project with the most potential in terms of utility and capital gains. For a while, exciting projects like Avalanche have been the talk of the town and have lured investors who have put funds into the projects in hopes of turning a profit when the project’s market capitalization increases.

However, Avalanche’s recent performance has caused panic among investors who are now shifting to more promising crypto projects like Bitcoin Spark.

Avalanche SnowTrace

Avalanche SnowTrace, a blockchain explorer on the avalanche ecosystem, announced to have shut down operations recently. The software analytics tool depended on Etherscan’s service provision toolkit, which is usually characterized by high fees. The explorer representatives did not clearly indicate the exact reason they were suspending operations, but sources indicate Etherscan’s high gas fees are to blame. The network seems to affect the overall price of AVAX slowly. In the meantime, Avalanche’s Landslide is making moves after introducing an Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol that enhances the network’s interoperability with other blockchains.

Avalanche Price Outlook

With all the developments happening on Avalanche, it is most likely that the AVAX digital asset will experience increased volatility as bulls and bears battle to dominate the asset’s final price movement. Even with the termination of the Avalanche SnowTrace, analysts still predict a positive outlook on the digital asset and its underlying ecosystem. With increasing bullish signals across the entire crypto market, Avalanche is also set to follow the same trajectory.

Bitcoin Spark’s ICO Shines

Bitcoin Spark’s ICO has been trending for some time now. The digital asset platform has been on the radar of many investors looking for more interesting investment vehicles to diversify their portfolios. Bitcoin Spark’s imminent blockchain is serving as a hub for stray investors who are wondering where to begin their crypto investment journey, as well as professionals who are well conversant with how the industry works.

The platform’s smart contract is among the most advanced in the entire landscape, accommodating more programming languages than any other smart contract layer. Bitcoin Spark community members, including third-party developers, are free to use any low-level or high-level programming language to develop dApps and deploy them for actual use cases. The smart contract will be divided into four different layers working together to execute different functions without jeopardizing the network’s security.

The smart contract layers are the Consensus Layer, Execution Layer, Rewards Layer, and Mining Layer. The Bitcoin Spark mainnet is currently under intensive scrutiny from the Bitcoin Spark developers and a third-party organization of white-hat hackers looking for imperfections and vulnerabilities on the blockchain while in beta tests.

The underlying Bitcoin Spark code is not yet publicly published to give the developers ample time to identify and fix any issue that may put the funds and network activities at stake before public intervention.

Bitcoin Spark has a detailed roadmap highlighted in the platform’s official whitepaper that includes the necessary steps it will take for the project to achieve its ultimate goal of becoming the leading Bitcoin alternative in the market.

Currently, the project is winding up its ICO, and the ongoing stage is phase 9 out of the scheduled ten phases. In the course of the eight completed ICO phases, Bitcoin Spark developers have raised more than $5 million, which has only been a couple of weeks since phase 1 began. This is still stage one of the project’s development, and the team still has a lot of objectives scheduled in place to foster the development of virtual infrastructures and grow the project’s utilities.

For more information:

Website: https://bitcoinspark.org/

Visit BTCS Presale: https://network.bitcoinspark.org/register

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