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Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Price Outlook for 2024: Can Sponge V2 Outperform?

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As we enter 2024, there’s a massive surge of optimism in the crypto community, especially around meme coins. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, in particular, are drawing significant attention.

These coins showed signs of consolidation over the past few days after a consistent uptrend since October.

With expectations of a bull market in 2024, the coming year is vital for DOGE and SHIB as market analysts closely watch its performance and potential impact on the broader crypto market.

Dogecoin Price Outlook

AMBCrypto’s recent report on meme coins in 2023 highlighted short-term bearish sentiments in the futures market for Dogecoin.

However, understanding Dogecoin’s market dynamics requires a deeper analysis of its buying motivations and potential growth factors.

Dogecoin has evolved from a payment option with low transaction fees to a widely accepted currency by major vendors like Microsoft, Tesla, and Twitch.

The surge in its price during 2021 can be attributed to investors seeking rapid financial gains, a common trend in bullish markets. Such a surge indicates that Dogecoin’s future upswing heavily depends on market sentiment.

The crypto market will likely see a potential bull run in 2024, influenced significantly by the upcoming Bitcoin Halving event.

If this bullish phase materializes, Dogecoin, with its high-profile endorsements (notably by Elon Musk) and a strong community base, is expected to see a significant upward trajectory.

Furthermore, data from Santiment, a leading crypto analysis platform, reveals a steady increase in Dogecoin’s active address count since mid-November, indicating increased user participation and demand.

Also, CoinCodex’s optimistic forecast suggests that DOGE could reach highs of $0.4 in 2024. While the future of Dogecoin remains uncertain, the alignment of factors like market trends and growing user engagement puts Dogecoin in a favorable light for a potential upside.

Shiba Inu Price Outlook

Over the past weekend, Shiba Inu saw high volatility, surging by over 20% on December 16 before retracting 11.2% from its peak the next day.

The current market sentiment shows a bearish bias, yet there’s anticipation that bulls might soon regain control. This bullish bias depends on Bitcoin maintaining a stronghold above the $40k mark.

It’s worth noting that SHIB’s burn rate is on an impressive rise, with over 5 million tokens burned in the last 24 hours alone, marking a 421% increase.

In a recent announcement, Shiba Inu also expressed its intentions to remove barriers between the traditional internet and the crypto world.

Unlike Ethereum Name Service, which links unique crypto-related addresses to crypto wallets, Shiba Inu plans to connect these addresses to regular websites we use daily.

This means that Shiba Inu aims to become a part of everyday web usage. They’ve recently partnered with D3 Global to get their top-level domain (like .com or .net).

This could make Shiba Inu more popular, increase its number of transactions, and ultimately raise its demand.

Also, CoinCodex’s projections suggest SHIB could reach a high of $ 0.00002 in 2024. However, these predictions are contingent on Bitcoin’s stability, particularly if it remains above critical support levels of $39.6k and $38k. A fall below these levels could dim prospects for a SHIB recovery.

While the short to mid-term prospects of SHIB remain unclear, Sponge V2, a hot new upgrade of the original Sponge Token, could yield more returns in the upcoming bull market.

Could Sponge V2 Outperform DOGE & SHIB? Upgraded Meme Coin Launches with New Staking Benefits

Sponge V2 is the upgraded version of the original Sponge token, which saw a massive 100x increase in 2023.

This new upgrade offers improved features for better utility, particularly its ‘Stake-to-Bridge’ model. This model allows users to stake their V1 tokens to receive V2 tokens.

Investors can buy Sponge V1 tokens and automatically stake them to earn Sponge V2 tokens, smoothly integrating them into the new ecosystem. Early V2 investors also benefit from immediate purchase bonuses.

It’s worth noting that the recent price dip in SPONGEV1 is likely a result of panic selling by holders concerned about its relevance.

However, this situation actually offers an attractive buying opportunity. The launch of Sponge V2 ensures continued utility and long-term viability, especially with the inclusion of a Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming platform, Sponge Racer, and high-staking options.

Most importantly, the project offers at least 40% APY in staking rewards over four years.

Sponge V2 has a total supply of 150 billion tokens, with 43.09% allocated for staking rewards and 8% dedicated to P2E gaming incentives.

This distribution aims to boost user involvement and improve token utility. With over 30,000 community members, Sponge V2 can see more growth, targeting listings on major exchanges like Binance or OKX.

Interested users can enter the Sponge V2 Telegram channel and follow it on X (Twitter) to stay updated on the platform’s progress.

Visit Sponge V2 Presale

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