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DEVAI Surges Another 50% in 24 Hours – Is Scotty the AI Next to Pump?

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DEVAI (0XDEV), the AI-powered platform transforming smart contract deployment, has continued its meteoric rise with a 50% surge since yesterday.

As investors rush to be part of this innovative project, attention is also being paid to Scotty the AI (SCOTTY), a new presale crypto that combines the humor of meme coins with AI-powered utilities.

DEVAI’s 0XDEV Token Takes AI Crypto Mania to New Heights

DEVAI’s native 0XDEV token is on a roll, adding another 50% to trade just below $7.

This continues the token’s recent explosive uptrend, with its price rocketing 486% higher over the past month.

The excitement around 0XDEV shows no signs of cooling off, as spot trading volumes have jumped another 12% since yesterday, attracting more retail investors.

0XDEV’s rally has been powered almost entirely by trading on the Uniswap DEX and BitMart CEX, as the token has yet to receive listings on any Tier-1 exchanges.

Despite its limited availability, hype is spreading like wildfire around DEVAI’s AI-powered smart contract platform.

The project’s Twitter is blowing up, hitting over 14,000 followers as buzz builds.

As with all smaller cryptos, much of 0XDEV’s momentum stems from speculation, so sudden price swings in either direction are to be expected.

With that said, DEVAI’s innovative use of AI tech means it could cement itself as one of the hottest low-cap prospects if the current bullishness continues.

DEVAI Simplifies Smart Contract Creation Through AI Tech

So, what is DEVAI that has traders so excited?

In a nutshell, it’s an AI-powered platform aiming to shake up blockchain development by automating smart contract creation.

Writing smart contracts in languages like Solidity for Ethereum can be a highly complex and technical process that requires deep coding expertise.

This poses a significant barrier, preventing many businesses and developers from harnessing the game-changing potential of blockchain technology.

But DEVAI aims to democratize this process by allowing anyone to automatically generate smart contracts through advanced AI without any coding know-how.

Users simply interact with DEVAI’s bot or web app, answering a few simple questions about their project’s requirements.

Within seconds, DEVAI’s machine learning models automatically create the entire Solidity code for their custom smart contract.

With DEVAI doing the heavy lifting, businesses can rapidly deploy secure, bug-free smart contracts tailored to their specific needs.

Given this unique use case, it’s no wonder the 0XDEV token has captured so much interest from traders betting on this project to disrupt the AI crypto market.

Is Scotty the AI the Next Big Meme-Driven AI Crypto Play?

It appears the AI crypto craze is just starting to heat up, as another promising project called Scotty the AI has traders speculating whether it could be next to pump following DEVAI’s rally.

The SCOTTY presale just hit the $8 million milestone, ending much earlier than expected.

However, users have one final chance to purchase SCOTTY at the price of $0.01 before its imminent launch on centralized exchanges.

For those unfamiliar, Scotty the AI bills itself as the “Guardian of the Crypto Universe.”

It’s a meme crypto project centered around an AI-powered Scottish Terrier that analyzes blockchain data to spot vulnerabilities.

But beyond the amusing premise, Scotty the AI has some serious utility baked in.

The platform can scan smart contracts to identify code errors and potential exploits.

According to Scotty the AI’s whitepaper, there are plans to launch a custom-built DEX called Scotty Swap and an AI-powered chatbot called ScottyChat.

The developers even intend to construct a proprietary blockchain, giving users more control over their digital assets.

With such an ambitious vision to leverage AI for multiple use cases, it’s understandable why speculation is building that SCOTTY could capture similar hype to DEVAI.

Visit Scotty the AI Presale

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