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Crypto Whales Are Stacking This Emerging VR Crypto – Is This the Next Trend?

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Stackers of small cap coins for bleeding-edge Web 3 technologies are accumulating VR token 5thScape (5SCAPE) in the second stage of a presale that has so far raised $1.9 million.

5thScape is the world’s first virtual and augmented reality cryptocurrency gaming ecosystem.

Through the $5SCAPE token, investors can access an exclusive selection of VR games, educational resources, and blockbuster movies.

5thScape offers immersive experiences with hyper-realistic gameplay.

Upcoming title ‘Cage Conquest’ pits players in the virtual heat of an MMA VR fighting game where players can take part in strategic training sessions and online tournaments to earn more crypto rewards.

BTS of Cage Conquest Trailer Making 🥊
.#5thscape #5scape #vrgaming #vrgame #gaming pic.twitter.com/MEZ4bZ261R

— 5th Scape (@5th_scape) February 8, 2024

Only a few weeks into its ICO, 5thScape is already clocking up thousands of followers on Discord, Telegram, X/Twitter and YouTube as more crypto curious get involved.

Clearly there are strong reasons for the buzz, so Cryptonews is here to help readers understand the speculative buzz.

5thScape’s Web3 Premise

In an industry founded on technological innovation, the projects with the most staying power are ones that nurture and pioneer the development of blockchain’s utility potential.

After all, to drive adoption, which is the endgame for every player in the industry, crypto projects have to interact, integrate and dovetail with other emerging technologies.

It’s in the intersection of blockchain, VR and AI that we find the concept of “Web3”, a term describing a future decentralized iteration of the internet driven by these technologies.

There in Web3 is 5thScape, the world’s first crypto, VR, and AI ecosystem.

🚀 Exciting news from 5th Scape! The VR-focused cryptocurrency has raised $1.7 million in its presale phase, and has showcased the potential for innovation in the digital space.

Get ready to explore hyper-realistic experiences and next-gen gaming with 5th Scape's groundbreaking… pic.twitter.com/5DrCHwVm77

— 5th Scape (@5th_scape) March 21, 2024

While every crypto project is technically a Web3 project, a few, like 5thScape go a step further into the future: into the metaverse.

Like Web 3, the metaverse is another term for an envisioned internet shakeup.

The metaverse essentially refers to the applications and features of Web 3 that people will interact with in a virtual reality space.

And as a tokenized gaming platform, 5thScape promises to be at the forefront of the metaverse.

Participation is easy, gamers simply buy and hold tokens to get access to the platform, where they will be able to game and stream for free.

Furthermore, the project team took development back to first principles and designed all the software and hardware in-house.

5thScape’s 5SCAPE Tokenomics

5SCAPE has a market cap on launch of $15 million and is currently priced at $0.00215, although this is due to rise 15% to $0.00248 when the third round begins in under two days.

Eighty percent of the total token supply is up for purchase in the presale.

When it concludes, 5SCAPE’s fixed listing price will be $0.01, giving the token a possible prelaunch upside potential of over 365%.

5thScape is also fully audited with KYC and the team behind it are transparent.

Those who join the community over on the project’s socials channels can stay informed of tasks to claim even more 5SCAPE rewards before the protocol launches.

Bounty Bonanza: Unleash Your Linguistic Prowess with 5thscape!

🌐 Join the Translation Safari – Hunt for Mistakes, Claim Tokens!#5scape is calling on our vibrant community to embark on a linguistic adventure! We're super excited to invite you to review our website's… pic.twitter.com/24l0QoXH3S

— 5th Scape (@5th_scape) January 22, 2024

Interested? Buy 5th Scape Here

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