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Binance Surpasses $100 Billion in User Asset Holdings

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Binance disclosed in its 16th proof-of-reserves (PoR) snapshot that its assets exceeded $100 billion as of March 18.

The exchange views this milestone not merely as an “arbitrary number” but as evidence of continued trust in Binance and a strong indication of the crypto markets’ solid performance.

Binance’s User Asset Holdings Surge

In a blog post, the company revealed that its user assets under custody have surged, more than doubling from $40 billion as the year began to over $100 billion. Binance attributes this growth not only to its commitment to holding user funds on a 1:1 ratio with additional reserves but also to the recent surge in digital asset prices.

Binance’s proof-of-reserves system currently indicates a collateralization ratio of over 100% for all major cryptocurrencies and altcoins. The exchange holds over 103% of the Bitcoin (BTC) deposited by users, indicating a full reserve matching user deposits and an extra 3% in reserve.

Similarly, the platform disclosed holding nearly 103.5% of the Ethereum (ETH) funds entrusted by its users, alongside a 110.6% reserve for Tether (USDT) deposits.

However, experts caution that proof-of-reserve assessments might not fully capture an entity’s financial state, as they do not account for liabilities when calculating net equity.

The exchange addressed this, noting the limitations of aggregate data provided by blockchain market intelligence firms. Binance wrote that such figures might inadvertently include its operational funds, thus not accurately reflecting user asset holdings. However, it assured that its monthly PoR audits are the most reliable source for information regarding user asset holdings on the platform.

Regarding concerns about the company’s financial stability, Binance’s CEO Richard Teng asserted that the exchange operates with a “debt-free” capital structure.

Binance’s Proof of Reserves

Binance launched its PoR system in November 2022, following the FTX collapse, to affirm its capability to meet customer withdrawal demands. In February 2023, it refined the system to boost audit efficiency and transparency.

In a recent reserve audit, as of February 7, Binance reported managing 609,477 Bitcoins (BTC) and 4.3 million Ethereum (ETH), with client accounts holding 594,688 BTC and 4.1 million ETH. This translates to a reserve coverage of 102.49% for Bitcoin and 104.58% for Ethereum, showing the exchange’s commitment to safeguarding client funds.

Despite regulatory scrutiny that has led to substantial fines and Changpeng Zhao’s resignation, Binance appears to have managed to weather the challenges and maintain its financial state so far.

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