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Best Crypto to Buy Today February 22 – SingularityNET, Worldcoin, Render

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Best Crypto to Buy Today
AGIX, WLD and RNDR rank amongst the best crypto to buy today as AI coins pump. Image by cryptonews.com.

As major cryptocurrencies remain mostly stuck within recent ranges as the market takes a breather following its recent bull run, investors looking for a better chance of quick gains are looking at AI coins that could be the best crypto to buy today.

Bitcoin (BTC) was last trading around $51,500, wedged within its recent $51,000-$53,000ish week-long range.

Slowing inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs, which attracted just 500 tokens on Wednesday, could be to blame for waning momentum.

Still, Bitcoin remains a top candidate for best crypto to buy today.

FundStrat’s head of research Tom Lee just predicted on CNBC that ETF inflows, the halving and Fed easing could launch the price to $150,000 this year.

Ether (ETH), meanwhile, was consolidating close to but just below $3,000.

Analysts at Kraken think it could soon hit new record highs above $5,000 after breaking a long-term ascending triangle pattern.

But with the two largest cryptos taking a breather, those hoping for quick gains might want to look elsewhere.

AI Coins – The Best Crypto to Buy Today?

One sector performing well on Thursday are cryptocurrencies which boast artificial intelligence use-cases.

That’s because AI titan Nvidia has pumped 15% on Thursday following a blockbuster earnings release.

Nvidia, the world’s largest semiconductor company, has gained well over $1 trillion in market cap in the last 12 months as it solidifies its position as the market leading infrastructure provider to the fast growing AI sector.

And fast-growing profits suggest the AI sector is in rude health, hence why AI cryptos are pumping.

Let’s take a look at Thursday’s top performers.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

Market-leading blockchain-based decentralized AI marketplace SingularityNET (AGIX) has pumped a stunning 44% on Thursday, as per CoinMarketCap.

That’s taken its market cap to nearly $1 billion and the AGIX price above $0.70 for the first time.

That’s a stunning 20x rally from its 2022 lows, when it fell to the $0.03s per token.

Given its still modest market cap of under $1 billion, AGIX has plenty of upside potential.

With 5x gains possible, AGIX could be the best crypto to buy today.

Worldcoin (WLD)

Worldcoin (WLD), which was created by OpenAI’s Sam Altman and underpinned by the idea of “proof of personhood”, is also pumping, up around 40% in the past 24 hours as per CoinMarketCap.

WLD has been rallying hard recently, aided by OpenAI’s release of a new AI product called Sora.

Hitting 1 million users has also helped WLD.

Given its also modest market cap of just over $1 billion, WLD also has a lot of upside potential.

WLD is likely to remain a candidate for the best crypto to buy today for some time.

Render (RNDR)

The Render Network’s RNDR token pumped up 25% on Thursday, closing in on record highs around $7.80.

The protocol is a decentralized network allowing individuals to contribute their unused GPU power to help projects render motion graphics and visual effects.

Investors seem to think that demand for the network will rise given fast rising demand for AI-generated content.

Render is arguably positioned as something of the “Nvidia” of crypto, given it could become a key AI infrastructure provider.

With a market cap of still under $3 billion, its upside potential is huge.

Alternative to Consider

The above-noted coins offer the prospect of decent 3-5x gains.

But traders with an even higher tolerance for risk ought to consider an alternative investment strategy with a higher potential pay-off — investing in crypto presales.

Crypto presales are where web3 start-ups raise funds for platform development via the discounted sale of their native crypto tokens.

Presale investing carries risks akin to investing in start-ups, so investors should always do their due diligence.

With so many presales vying for investment funds, it’s difficult to keep track of the best opportunities.

Here are some of the top projects, as per analysts at Cryptonews:

13 Best Crypto Presale Projects for 2024

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